Example Of Admission Essay On Public Administration

Published: 2021-06-21 23:56:29
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Professional Goals
Public Administration has been associated with trust factor and anyone working for the public services must have a positive attitude and must be willing initiate changes to see the transformation in society. My vision since childhood is to contribute to the betterment of the community. Due to my passion in public services I have volunteered in the social activities. I admire the people who let their helping hands for the public services. I want to make a difference to the community and change the manner it operates and functions.
I took up Political Science as the major in my Bachelor’s degree because I always wanted to take up Public Administration as a career. I want to address the public concerns by engaging socially because public administrators make sure that all aspects of the national, state, and local public services are obtained and implemented for a better future. Public Administrators must maintain good relationships between the government, donors, public service providers and the community. I improvised on my communication skills when I worked with an Airline Company, Mortgage Companies, and as an Admissions representative in Vista College.
I have grown in a community seeing young students struggle with basic education needs that clearly shows in the drop-outs percentage in schools and colleges. Many nonprofit organizations face this challenge to raise the funds and work towards providing better education, eradicate poverty, provide a healthier environment and reduce crime. My relationship building and communication skills will help me achieve this goal where I would be in a position to create policies that benefit the non-profit organizations to support them in their good cause. Public Administration requires leadership skills to take decisions that positively affect the community, and after leading a team of 30 people in my earlier job I have understood the responsibilities of a leader and how it can impact the work.
The non-profit sectors have been dependant on the donors and the charities and they can be successful when they manage their professional skills, effectively and efficiently utilize the financial resources, meticulously find solutions, and preserve good relationship with the donors, funding organizations and the stakeholders. The non-profit sectors generate and broadcast new ideas, deliver social services, and protect the environment and values. Working with The Housing Authority of the City of Lubbock in Mcdougal Properties, I gained experience in subsidized housing that provided me an opportunity to meet people with low incomes and help them in getting accommodation.
I have achieved a lot of real life experience, but in order to be an excellent Public servant I understand the importance of having a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. This is the right time for me to join an advanced degree and I believe my basic knowledge in economics is an added advantage. I consider the diversity of my experience in various fields as an asset for me to join with the advanced studies in this university and live up to my vision and see myself as an honest public servant.

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