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Published: 2021-06-21 23:56:31
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Megan Fox was selected as the model for the Fall/Winter 2010/2011 collection of Emporio Armani Underwear (Anakin, 2010), as well as for the Spring/Summer collection of Emporio Armani Women’s Underwear and Armani Jeans in 2010 (Anon., Megan Fox: Armani Underwear Ads: Revealed, 2010). The campaign ads were shot on location in Los Angeles by the famous photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. The campaign was displayed on billboards in major cities, such as New York, Tokyo, Paris, Rome, Milan, London, and Los Angeles (Anakin, 2010) and would also be used for online ad campaigns. In addition, a cinema commercial was released where Fox showcased the collection.
According to Giorgio Armani, he chose Megan Fox because both Armani Jeans and Armani Emporio are about a youthful attitude, which Fox’s youthful personality and spirit represent (Anon., Megan Fox: Armani Underwear Ads: Revealed, 2010). He also believed that Fox embodied the women of today, with her beautiful features revealing strength, sensuality, and femininity (Anon., Giorgio Armani is Another One, n.d.).
While the Armani brands have many sub-brands that cater to different market segments, Emporio Armani, in particular, targets young professionals within the age range of 25 to 30 (Roll, 2013). The brand provides this group of consumers with contemporary designs that would be relevant to their lifestyles. On the other hand, Armani Jeans caters to young adult consumers aged 18 to 30 (Roll, 2013). This is the lowest range of the Armani fashion line, yet still provides its target consumers with designs that are both trendy and fashionable.
Given these considerations for what the brands Emporio Armani and Armani Jeans represent and which markets they target, it is a no-brainer that Megan Fox will appeal to these groups of consumers. After her stint in the blockbuster hit The Transformers, she immediately catapulted to fame and became the object of every guy’s fantasy as well as the inspiration of many girls and women. To top it off, she was even named FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the World in 2008 (Sexy Things, 2010), which further sealed her status as a sex symbol. In this regard, Megan Fox is definitely one celebrity who would appeal to women within the 18 to 35 age group. Whether they are fans or not, they all surely want to look as beautiful as her and being able to see her in a sexy lingerie or a nice fitting pair of jeans will allow them to envision themselves looking just as good. With all the success Fox was having at the time that the campaign was launched, many of the young and empowered women would also be able to relate to her while others would be encouraged to empower themselves, too.
The photos for the campaign were done in black and white, which made both Fox and the clothes she was modeling appear classic and artistic at the same time. It also added drama to the photographs and made them look elegant, glamorous, and sexy all at once. In addition, by having the photographs in black and white, the audience is better able to focus on the subject of the campaign (Ricca, n.d.), which was Megan Fox and the clothes she was wearing. With the absence of colors and with no other objects in the background, the people who would see the images would e instantly riveted to Fox and the beautiful clothes she was wearing. There was nothing else in the photographs to distract their attention. As well, by having the photographs in black and white, the viewers of the photos are bound to want to look more closely at the pictures, in turn enabling them to gain a better appreciation of the product being advertised.
Although the photographs were sexy and showed no qualms about displaying Fox’s beautiful features, the photos were done in a tasteful manner that represented both a youthful and adventurous woman who still looked decent and proper at the same time. Needless to say, Giorgio Armani has a great eye for both fashion and beauty, which makes it no wonder that he’s such a successful entrepreneur.
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