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Published: 2021-06-21 23:56:53
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The general purpose of this essay is to try to persuade people to start learning foreign languages. I am specifically going to focus on scenarios where the knowledge of foreign language is required an also on the benefits of studying a foreign language. The central idea here is to show how people can gain from the knowledge of a foreign language and the situations in which that knowledge might come in handy.


Learning a foreign language opens unimaginable opportunities for an individual in terms of economic, career and social and even political aspects. Remaining monolingual hinders one’s educational development, restricts thinking and communication abilities, and denies a person the ability and opportunity to fully understand and appreciate the universe in which we live in. There is a variety of reasons on why you should learn a foreign language.


Learning a foreign language can be very useful in situations where one is forced to travel to other countries. The travel can be for various purposes. For example, one may be permanently migrating to another country. In such a case, knowledge of the language of the country to which you are emigrating is very important. One may also be travelling for holiday purposes. Even if you don’t plan to stay for long, a little bit of knowledge of the local language will help one get along with the locals and be able to acquire or enquire, for example for services. As a student, one might decide to go and study abroad. In such a case, the medium of learning may not be similar to the one you are used to, that is, it is in a different language. Therefore, you have to learn the required language for you to get along in your class. All these situations present requires one to have knowledge of a foreign language and it is therefore very advisable for anyone to think about taking some foreign language classes because you never know when you might be forced to travel overseas for a particular purpose.

Work or Commercial Purposes

Learning a foreign language can also be particularly useful in work situations in case, you work in a field that requires regular contact with foreign people who do not speak your native language. Knowledge of the foreign language enables you to make more sales and secure contracts through negotiations. Multinational countries usually operate in many countries and it is imperative that the regional managers of such companies have at least a little knowledge of the local language. Therefore, if you harbor dreams of being in such a position, you really start learning some foreign languages.

Cultural Understanding Purposes.

Learning a foreign language also helps a person to get in touch with their roots. This occurs for example if one’s ancestors spoke a certain language and one wants to possibly learn it and teach it to their children. Studying a foreign language is also useful for individuals who are usually interested in the culture, literature, music, and poetry of a certain community or society who speak a certain language. By learning their local language, one is able to understand these aspects in a better and more comprehensive way. A little knowledge of at least the foreign languages also helps one get along with people from the regions who speak those languages. Finally, learning a foreign language presents an opportunity for one to challenge himself or herself as it is particularly an exciting experience especially if the language being learnt is difficult.


In summary, I can confidently say that knowledge of a foreign language is very advantageous to any person. The process of learning the language may be tasking but once through, the fruits of this process are definitely sweet. One should therefore make a point of learning at least one foreign language of their own choice. Doing so will expose one to great opportunities and will enhance the thinking capacity of an individual. Moreover learning foreign might help you make new friends from overseas!


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