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Published: 2021-06-21 23:58:21
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Argument Analysis
Advertisement is the basic source which is used to derive attention from the consumers to increases the sales of company. Consumer’s research shows that customers always make choices after analyzing the information they get through daily advertisement. They get to view thousands of ads on TV, roads sign boards, newspaper, magazines and they listing it on Radio too. The medium can be visual or audio because the only vision is to convey the information (Grant McCrancken, 19). Advertisement plays a vital role in sales. It is created in such a way that it can stimulate the consumer and sometimes the product is represented and explained in such way that it can manipulate the consumer. The after effects of buying and possessing such products are represented as to open the gate way satisfaction and ultimate happiness.
Ads are made in such way that they stay in the mind of viewer. Their music, colors, designs, environment, characters are selected in certain way that they make place in the brain of viewer. Even those who are not costumers to the product will think twice about that advertisement because some parts of ad will stay in their mind and it can be the jingle, the music or the slogan of the company. Slogans are shaped and created after keeping in mind that it is the company main idea to present the product to the viewer. Those slogans are persuading, attractive and not easy to ignore. It is the main factor of an advertisement which makes it successful on how much it got able of deriving the attention of the viewer (Belk & Russell, 82).
The next step comes where viewer becomes the customer of the company because it depends upon how effective the advertisement plan was, how much their attention was taken by that simple ad and how irresistible it was. It also depends on the trust of consumer towards the given information of a certain product in advertisement which get them engaged in buying such product (Kito, Nakagawa, Mita & Otsuki, 5). This long process ultimately increases the sales of a company. There are so many channels and mediums used to communicate the information related to product and they are collectively called the ads.
Media is influencing the society by generating a world which is impossible to reach as it is a fantasy and unapproachable world but still able to stimulate the people to get engaged in watching, imagining and getting influenced by the idea of advertisement. Advertisement influence society as the idea which is conveyed through the media society buys it and works on it by making it a reality sometimes. Media is making a culture a new age society. After watching a certain happing on media, society follows it sometimes even when a bad message is conveyed and followed through media (Denis McQuail, 1979). But in marketing and advertisement, the main idea is to generate and increase the sales by influencing people to be the stakeholders of the company. Certain situations are represented in advertisement to influence the viewer which can be like the advantages to utilize the product. It can even included that the happiness derived by utilizing which is showed by adding a fantasy factor to the ad thinking outside the box and entering into the world of imagination which pursued the viewer to buy and test the product to enjoy the feeling which is represented in advertisement. It is the main purpose of advertisement to influence viewer to get engaged in purchasing of that certain product. The media used in advertisement must be trustworthy which lies in the theory of ethos. Until the viewer believes, they will never get engaged in consuming the product (Akanbi, Paul, Adeyeye & Toluope 1).
As to study the main idea of advertisement, I have chosen the ad plan of an internationally recognized soft drink company Coca Cola as in their ads they use the idea of generating happiness (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gx244szBgH0). Their main idea is a happy world as they know the main problem of the people of this era is that even after having so much advancement world, they still not happy at all. Everything has came with its own problems and only thing which human kind need is ultimate happiness as the world has gone from being simple and happy to complicated and stressed. Every single human on the face of earth is unsatisfied and unhappy people try to buy happiness and are willing to pay anything to get that simple smile and satisfaction of soul and mind. This is a global problem and a solution to this problem is a global need.
As Coca Cola is an international product, it has costumers all over the world of different races and having different view and state of mind. But they all face the same problem of strain and sadness (Chammat, Foucher, Nadel & Dubal, 2) so they chose solution to that problem as making people believe that being with their loved ones and having a soft drink Coca Cola will make them satisfied and happy. They represent this idea in different kind of situations. They have created their ads in a certain way which shows a situation of normal daily routine life and then the aftermaths of consuming the product which is satisfaction and happiness. Different situations are used in different advertisements but by doing a simple small thing with a drink add happiness to life. Even though the situations represented are somehow unrealistic and fantasy based but still they are able to derive attention and get engaged to watch and remember the situation, the sound and music. Those elements are very stimulating as they use songs of famous recognized music bands which stay in mind of viewers and the colors video effects situation is perfect and has the capacity of attraction and stimulation.
Their slogan is “open happiness”, the ad revolves around the state of normal to happy life which always includes the consumption of Coca Cola. Happiness is a thing highly required by everyone (Roth, 9) so it is the best slogan any company can have to generate sales. While creating an ad, it is created for the viewer to become the costumer so it is not about the company but all about the consumer and the product. By their ad they are influencing the viewers by making them see the different situations which can add happiness in their lives. All the little things said and done in the ads are influential which may generate happiness in life of viewer if implemented.
Even though the main purpose of company is to generate sales not to make every person on face of earth happy, but they use this idea to engage people to develop their interest in the product. This is the main idea of advertisement which is to hide the main purpose of ad but to make people believe that they need the product and the company does not need them. It makes an advertisement effective because human behavior theories say that they get more interest in those things in which they believe they will get something they need it. The advertisement made must be related and according to the beliefs of society as the Coca Cola is an international product seller but still their ads are created according to their audience, their state of mind, society and needs. This makes people believe and trust more even to relate their self with the situation represented in advertisement.
Until the advertisement makes the viewer understand and relate with what they watch or hear, it can never be an effective advertisement. Logos also plays a vital role as the slogan if they are different and attractive, they can increase the sale of product and viewer can get attracted towards them. An ad shows a situation which includes the feelings of characters people represented in such situations which shows their happiness or sadness by their voice tone, facial expressions and movements. It continuously get changed in start middle and end of ad because ad is usually of short time so many things are showed in small time as in the ads of Coca Cola. Certain feelings are represented by many people. Herein the viewer gets impressed the more he or she can relate them self to the feelings until they feel the same. They will never get attracted to the idea of advertisement it generates the influence on viewer by making them happy or sad.
In Coca Cola ads, all of us can watch and get relate to them which can make us develop interest and stimulate us to buy the drink and enjoy ultimate happiness. Effect of this ad on viewer can be that they can get influenced by the idea, take out time for themselves out of this busy life to be with family and friends and enjoy simple happiness by spending valuable time. Being with the people they love and enjoy the company by consumption of Coca Cola so it may add the happiness to their lives. That makes this advertisement plan effective by generating sales and increasing costumers.
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