Example Of Article Review On Early Childhood

Published: 2021-06-21 23:59:20
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The main idea in regard to the article is an early childhood inclusion. The term definition doesn't have a concrete definition that clearly describes the inclusion in childhood, but it is used as a blueprint, to aid in the inclusion practice. Specifically, the term can be said to be the practice, process and value that support an infant and young child, both with and without disabilities in participation of broad activities in a societal and world framework. This is meant to involve the child as a full family member of the community. In this regard, there are three concepts that are derived from this definition. They include the following; Access, this is a provision of a wide range of learning opportunities be it in community framework or social settings and environment. This provides a learning environment for the child that makes him or her develop mentally. The second concept is participation. In every young child, adult’s participation plays a crucial role in guiding and designing the child behavior towards the family set ups.
A child's behavior is formulated depending on the social environment the child participates. Support is the last main concept whereby it entails the infrastructure and resources to support the child. Despite the child provided with participation and assess services, the resources are required to strengthen the child inclusion. The bias in the article reveals itself in the sense that not all families are set in a social community. Income constraints may make all the said processes difficult to achieve. The article provides clear guidelines in relation to the inclusion process which are crucial but it should incorporate other aspects in the family framework and social standards such as poverty and intellectual levels.

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