Example Of Article Review On Review Of Bridging The Gap Between Degree Programme Curricula And Employability

Published: 2021-06-21 23:59:35
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In an article published in 2010, by Hills, et al., the authors discuss a gap that exists between employers needs and the skills that graduates leave university with in the United Kingdom. The researches conducted a survey of review reports to learn about the degree to which the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education discussed employability issues. They assessed skills, employability, and teaching activities through several broad categories such as: placements, sandwich years, visits, live projects, mentoring, and specific skill development, that were noted during the recording of review reports. Two different units were selected for the review, Unit 17, which is responsible for Agriculture, Forestry, and Agricultural Science, and Unit 7, responsible for biology – organismal bioscience. These specific units were selected due to researcher bias and their general familiarity with these two areas of science.
Hill, et al, identify five stages for the integration of an activity into a curriculum. The five stage are: Identify learning outcomes, choose the learning and teaching activity, design and delivery of the activity, design appropriate assessment methods, and reflection and evaluation of the activity. The general goals of these stages are the identification of skills that should taught, identify an appropriate way to teach the skills, a well made lesson plan that deals with the identified skills, proper assessment of the work-related learning outcomes, and further development of the activity being learned. Using this general pathway to work-related learning, the authors believe that development of programs and students will proceed on a good footing.
This model of work related learning has a great deal of potential for enriching the experience of students in the healthcare fields. A properly implemented work related learning system would make for better practitioners in the field because it would afford students the opportunity to have real patient experience in a controlled clinical setting where their skills are constantly under assessment.

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