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Published: 2021-06-22 00:01:33
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George Orwell was well renowned by his pseudonym name in several of Eric Arthur Blair who was a great English writer of all times. He wrote quite few books of most of them best sellers. 1984 was one of his most influential book and the most worldwide acclaimed animal farm that he published in 1944. These are considered his most metaphorical approach to his sentiment and attitude in his approach to soviet Russia (Orwell, George.1977 p. 200.) Written in 1948 the novel 1984 by George Orwell was an approach about the future. It presents a clear and outstanding view of what was to happen in the near future of forty years to come.
Winston smith is a very educated and clever young man. He was born to a middle class family which by then was linked to some class in Britain. He spent most of his childhood in London during the period of the Second World War. It was during this period that a revolution was led and the party assumed power (Orwell, George.1977 p. 246.). At a certain period his sister and parents disappear. He was deployed to an orphanage for training and he was subsequently employed as an outer party official. Winston smith kept a journal; of deterred negative and unconstructive thoughts in a diary about the big brother and the party now considered as the heart of the state. This was constituted in a thought crime that not constituted a crime but was a crime by its self. (Orwell, George.1977 p. 34.) It was penalized by death. Despite all this Winston went an extra mile in uncovering the government at Oceania which seemed omniscient to revise history and let the people learn from the true past in the great future that was to come.
Winston met Julia in a most controversial way. He had helped a fallen young lady to her knees when she handed him a note that was conveying a message of love to him. (Orwell, George.1977 p.145) The young lady whom he later knew as Julia was works woman who repaired old novel typesetter machine. He remembered to have met her some time back as women were well known supporters of ingsoc. His interest for her was lowered as she was a member of a lunatic anti sex league. They were commonly bonded by the fact that both of them had an allergy to the omniscient state party. It’s as a result of this that their secretly start a relationship that was more of a conspiracy than a love affair of their common bonding.
However the thought police discovered their secret affair. (Orwell, George.1977 p. 90.) When he was approached by a secret member working for the party he confuses him with a member of the brotherhood movement that was against the party and was planning to wage a revolution. The two exchange copies of the brotherhood movement which was a secret group lobbying for democracy. Winston presents him with the latest publication of the dictionary of newspeak ( Orwell, George.1977 p. 200.) He is presented with the famous publication by Emmanuel Goldstein which was a publicly acclaimed source of brotherhood (Bloom, Harold, 1987 p.245). The famous brother hood quotes and slogans for liberation and the revolution would have to occur by all means through the prole.
The two love birds were arrested and presented to the ministry of love for interrogation. The man who rented them the room reveals himself as a thought police and confesses of his trick to lure them and later have them arrested (Bloom, Harold, 1987 p.100). They are physically and psychologically traumatized and Winston is later electro cuted. This follows a series of other consecutive tortures in their quest to reduce the quest for spread of brotherhood and the party’s de facto role in the state.
In conclusion George Orwell was using satirical literature to achieve some personal relieve and redress over his worry that the British crown was under threat by the soviet world. This was written at the epitome of the wars that helped annexed Eurasian states to the Soviet Union with the exclusion of Britain. (Bloom, Harold, 1987 p.45) This was at the peak of global cripalisation at the height of the Second World War as each state was fighting for liberation (Bloom, Harold, 1987 p.45)
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