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Published: 2021-06-21 23:56:51
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Liora Birnbaum, 'The Use Of Mindfulness Training To Create an ‘Accompanying Place’ for Social Work Students’
The author accomplished a good study on social work student’s emotions about their field, how they feel overwhelmed and struggle to schedule time and adequate space to process their experiences. They need an ‘accompanying place’ where their thoughts can be observed and supported in a non evaluating way. This paper describe about a therapy named mindfulness meditation which was tested on a group of student.
This method really supported the students in their work. Finding of this work is that the students showed strong desire to learn about mindfulness meditation and experience it for themselves. Their response was optimistic and they perceived this technique relevant to their work. Social work students seem to be afraid from their supervisors. Social work educators should be fully aware of the emotional conditions of their students, and they also should go through training.
According to Birnbaum, she developed this technique to access a bigger audience and share the learning experience. The idea behind it is to answer to the needs and concerns of the student on the experimental trial. The selected group worked with each and their goals were on how to increase emotional support and emphasize self-awareness. The author believes that this can make students become more conscious and more prepare to handle the academic stress.
The students stress and irrational beliefs in college is an know phenomena in which many scholars have tried to elaborate and understand but Amutio and Smith have attempted to identify the major factor structure of English and Spanish version of SIBI (Smith Irrational Beliefs Inventory) and perhaps replicate it. As college life is hard on students when it comes to workload, deadlines, exams, etc, the test trial on students from different countries, background and situations was created to show the complexity of the stress and irrational beliefs on college students both from Spain and the States.
This experiment helped the readers and scholars in the same field to better understand their approach and critically analyze the SIBI structure during the test with the students as sample stressors. The core of the study was to research the Irrational Beliefs that have showed disturbed results by showing less unified solutions for students. The results of approximately 960 Spanish students participants did resulted in many factors and cite just a few we can think of Egocentrism, Perfectionism, etc. Both Spanish and Us students have showed that the differences lies in cultures and a different situations. The authors have properly highlighted the importance of in stress and irrational beliefs in students college life but also the different factors, criterion and cultural traits that are necessary to have a conclusive conclusion. The approach of this study was well implemented by the scholars and it reflects the complexity of the theory by giving the necessary evidence to support their approach.
Work Cited
Liora Birnbaum, ‘The Use of Mindfulness Training to Create an ‘Accompanying Place’ for Social Work Students’, Social Work Education: Vol. 27, No. 8, December 2008, pp. 837–852
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