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Published: 2021-06-22 00:19:36
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Since childhood, I have been fascinated about civil and environmental engineering. This passion compelled me to pursuing a career in the field of environmental engineering as it offers me a chance to explore, identify, understand and seek solutions to human problems posed by nature. To fulfill this desire, I discovered the secret of goal setting. These goals majorly revolve around my academic, professional and personal experiences.
My major academic goal has been to achieve academic excellence. To achieve this, I had to map various strategies that include constant and extensive research to equip me with a novel and vast information. My research strategies were facilitated by networking with like-minded students in the same field. My professional goal is to provide the best engineering services, a goal that I intend to achieve by linking with top-rated engineering and construction companies. Besides my academic and professional goals, my personal goal has been to deliver and meet expected standards at workplace. To fulfill this goal, ethics and CSR has been my philosophy. For example, the willingness to work under minimum supervision has been my sole drive in demonstrating personal responsibility.
Through my college, experience gained from assignments and projects, especially the Balsa wood-bridge project, have made me understand how interaction of forces, particularly stress, influences stability of static structures. This project inspired me to research more on the topic on Design and Building in the civil engineering field.
Understanding and appreciating the individual differences is a virtue that has worked well for me in the past. I always believe that everyone is unique, and not all legs can fit in the same shoe size. Therefore, accepting and accommodating other people’s opinions will augment harmonious living with others.

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