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Published: 2021-06-22 00:17:22
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Overview of Disaster Relief: Organizational Structure of Relief Organization / SLP


The primary purpose of Disaster Response Plan is to coordinate community proper care operations during typhoon or earthquake. Community proper care includes sheltering, feeding, first aid at mass proper care facilities and family well-being inquiry. Disaster response plan's designated as the guide for coordinating community proper care. Disaster Response Plan is responsible for coordinating all community proper care administrative, control, organizing, education, readiness, and response and recovery exercises. Disaster response plan is supported and harmonizes with the American Red Cross, local community authorities and volunteer relief agencies to meet essential human needs like shelter, food, clothing, query and crisis public services in hurricane or earthquake circumstances.

DRP Personnel and Responsibilities

Authorities along with the non-government organizations and other volunteers will be the people in-charge of the immediate response once disaster occurs. Responsible for providing assistance and proper help for families that are severely affected by hurricane and earthquake. To ensure that the people are well-informed about the relief operation and steps to be taken when disaster happens. Ensuring the presence of emergency respondents (police, firefighters, or medical staff)

- Initial Response/First aid Response
- The coordination of the local community disaster response process
- Activation of the relief operation in the local community
- Assigning responsibilities based on the chain of command
- Public information and warning notification and dissemination
- Declaration of disaster situation

Transportation and Evacuation Execution

Ensuring the availability of emergency vehicles (Ambulance, fire trucks, patrol cars, lifeboats, or amphibian trucks) to he affected victims to be relocated immediately to a safer place. Local government officials need to prioritize the safety of the victims and making sure that the relocation place will ensure their health and comfort. Evacuation facilities should be suitable enough for people who will be relocated.

-Transport affected victims to a safer place and trauma counseling
- Activation of evacuation facilities
- Facilities that will provide comfort especially to children and women
- Activation of essential vehicles for transporting affected victims
- Transport of goods needed in the safe places

Basic Needs Distribution

Government will provide basic human needs to the severely affected families (food, shelter clothing). Responsible person(s) in authority should ensure that the needs will be given accordingly in an organized manner, ensuring the safety of the food and water supplies that has not been contaminated after the disaster event. The person in-charge of victims’ health should ensure the availability of medicinal supplies in case infectious outbreaks happen.

- Proper dissemination of food and water to affected victims
- Clothing distribution with the assistance of non-government organizations
- Medical relief operations ensuring victims’ good health condition
- Being aware of possible syndrome outbreaks
- Extra health assistance for children and elderly

Community Rehabilitation Procedures

The public officials along wit the engineering team will be the responsible persons in rebuilding infrastructures that weakened and destructed by hurricane or earthquake. Ensuring that the public offices/buildings are still safe for occupany.

- Reconstruction of roads and other public infrastructures
- Repair of crucial sites like hospitals, clinics, and government buildings
- Repair of electrical sources
- Food and water contaminations awareness
- Gas lines reworks to ensure no leaks

Resumption of Normal Lives/Operations

This will be the pre-final process that the local authorities with the help of non-government organizations, helping the people to live their normal everyday lives. The authorities may conduct another disaster awareness and readiness program after the families have survived and cope with the disaster event.

- Assistance from the government/NGOs to rehabilitate of family homes
- Assurance of food and water supplies availability
- Enhancement of readiness awareness to communities
- Seminars and awareness activities to be conducted in the community
- After disaster assistance to ensure community’s normal daily lives
- Financial assistance may be provided to families who lost most of their properties


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