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Published: 2021-06-21 23:57:07
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Is it safe to text and drive?
Texting while driving comprises of typing a text message or an email, reading a text or an email while driving or operating a vehicle. It is considered to be a very destructive practice that has led to increased numbers of accidents especially teenagers. It is therefore not safe to text while driving (Howlett, p6). According to the American Automobile Association, texting while driving increases the chances of causing an accident and crushing by twenty three times, this is because while texting one diverts the attention of both the eyes and the mind from the road to the phone for at least 4.6 seconds. This is the same length of time that it would take an individual to drive a distance equal to the length of a football field blind at a speed of fifty five miles per hour.
Since the year 2000, text messaging has been on a rise, this is because they offer a communication convenience that is unmatched and this explains the reason as to why it is easily catching. Increase in the use of social media has also helped in its popularity. According to an experiment done by the chief editor of the magazine Cars and Drivers, it showed the effect of texting while driving is worse than that of driving drunk. This experiment showed that a drunken person while driving at seventy kilometres per hour will stop when he notices something on the road he will stop after at least four feet. While a person who is reading a text message will stop after seventy six feet. This means if they were supposed to avoid something that will lead to a crash; they may not be able to do so.
According to the Monash University Accident Research Centre, texting diverts the driver attention and they fail to notice road signs, like sharp corner ahead, they also make the driver to increase in speed without their knowledge and end up breaking some traffic rules (Wordpress, p1). Texting while driving is considered a great safety hazard while driving by most adult Americans, however the AAA foundation of traffic found out that 87% of the drivers aged between 16- 24 have texted and text while driving. This means that people do know the dangers related to texting while driving but still choose to do so; they still choose to endanger their lives.
There has been a lot of campaigning against texting while driving and in many states it has been termed as illegal to use a cell phone while driving. In an attempt to reduce the usage of cell phone most car manufacturers have put in place a phone in the vehicle where it can be operated by command of a voice and it does not require to be put on the chin as it is on loudspeaker (Steitzer, p24). This ensures that drivers put their eyes on the road even when they are on the phone.
According to the Michigan police post accident research department, texting while texting contributes to at least 24% of total number of accidents on the roads. These accidents leave people fatally injured, destroy property and even lead to death. There have been laws put in place to limit the level at which driver’s text while driving. This not only includes by making it illegal but by prescribing that companies should have a driving policy that prohibits it and can take actions on a driver who is found doing so (Shutko, p17).
- Shutko, J. and Tijerina, L., (2011), Ford's Approach to Managing Driver Attention: SYNC and MyFord Touch, Ergonomics In Design, Vol. 19, No. 4, October 2011, pp. 13-16
It focuses on Fords’ being famous company when it comes to manufacture of automobiles but has many concerns over the level of accidents caused by texting while driving. It has put rules that govern their driver against using cell phones while driving and places heavy punishments on those found doing so. This leads to deterrence.
- Howlett, Rick (May 2, 2011). "Indiana texting ban to take effect later this year". WFPL. Retrieved July 15, 2011.
This is a ban that was placed on the residents of Indiana in an attempt to curb accidents caused by drivers who text while driving. This is meant to deter drivers from using their cell phones while driving.
- Steitzer, Stephanie (July 14, 2010). "Texting while driving ban, other new Kentucky laws take effect today". The Courier-Journal. Retrieved July 15, 2010
In response to the death of a prominent person due to another driver who was texting and also the case concerning Coca Cola that blamed the death of a breadwinner on laxity on the texting while driving laws, this was implemented in Kentucky. It was also based on findings from many areas.
- Learn About Texting While Driving Dangers and Solutions.” Texting While Driving. Word press. 2011
It focuses on the dangers and negative effects of texting while driving and analyzes how to control it. One should practice discipline while behind the wheels.

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