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Published: 2021-06-22 00:02:37
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Age: 27
Lady Gaga was born in March 1986 in New York and since she was young she has always displayed her talent in music .Since her high school years, she has always been a provocative and an extremely strange performer. During her high school years, Lady Gaga was frequently mocked and ridiculed because of her personality. In interviews, she has admitted that she was a freak and never fitted in with her peers especially because of her obsession with attention. She has been the kind of person with crazy actions that make her look like she is seeking attention. But she admits that she truly loves attention. From her crazy desire for attention, Lady Gaga suffers from Histrionic personality disorder.
There are several things about lady Gaga that have always left people with a lot of questions. For instance, lady Gaga’s dressing style is questionable and shocking. In several occasions, lady Gaga has appeared before fans dressed in clothes that, many people would say, look like they exist only in nightmares.MTV is one of the most famous music awards. During the MTV music award for 2010 Lady Gaga attended the event dressed in a meat dress. The dress was very strange, and people all over the world were left wondering why Lady Gaga thought of meat dress. I would say that her strong desire for attention is what made her dress in such a strange manner. The artist has realized that she attracts a lot of attention from her wildly exaggerated mode of dressing. Although her dressing has always left people wondering, it is clear to everyone that she loves when people divert their attention to her. To her, it does not manner whether people think positively or negatively about her dressing.
Similarly, Lady Gaga’s behavior is outrageous. From the way, she talks and behaves she has the power to capture the attention of many teenagers. Her behavior evolves in a manner that continuous to call for attention and shock people. Lady Gaga behaves in a shocking manner to maintain and keep her crazy reputation. On Barbara Walters interview, lady Gaga admitted being bisexual and that she has had sex with women. She also came out as an advocate for gay rights. The gay community has loved her music since she was an upcoming artist and today she is an icon. The attention even became stronger after she released a video supporting their rights. After Lady Gaga released the video in YouTube people all over the world discussed it. Being a bisexual she stood up for her rights and the rights of others. In my opinion, she was concerned about the judgment of people to others in relation to their sexual orientation. She portrayed herself as a free thinker, and this is one of the things that attract attention to her personality. The video she created also portrayed that people should not be discriminated against because of their personality and way of life. The video by Gaga made her so famous especially amongst the minorities, and she again gained a lot of attention from the video.
In her music video that Beyonce has features, or in other words, Telephone, the buzz included a scene where exposes her private parts. This crazy scene attracted a lot of attention. Lady Gaga did that to prove that she is a woman. This was an extreme way of proving her sexuality.
Histrionic Personality Disorder
Justification for Histrionic personality disorder
1. Evident by the bullying in high school because of her extreme desire for attention. In fact, she did not match in any way with her peers.
2. Evident by Lady Gaga’s mode of dressing. Her dressing is outrageous and always leaves people with a lot of questions
3. Evident by her support for gay rights.
4. Evident by admitting openly that she is bisexual.
5. Evident by exposing her private parts to prove that she is a woman.
6. Evident by personally admitting that she loves attention.
1. Lady Gaga’s provocative and exaggerated dressing
2. Strong desire to be the center of attention
3. Lady Gaga’s dramatic behaviors like exposing her private parts disapprove people’s rumors that she is a man
4. Releasing a video to support gay rights.
5. Lady gaga openly admitting that she loves the attention she gets from her fans.
1. Later Gaga has excelled in her music career because of her unique personality.
2. Lady Gaga is proud of her individuality and openly comes out to say what kind of life she lives.
3. Lady Gaga fights for the rights of the gay community so that they should be treated like ordinary people.
Goal 1: Psychodynamic therapy
Goal 2: Solution focused therapy
Goal 3: Psychotherapy
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