Example Of Organic Foods Store Business Plan

Published: 2021-06-22 00:02:24
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Executive summary
Healthy food restaurant is a start up retail shop located in Newbury Street in Boston. It shall offer customers organic and chemical and preservative free groceries. All our products shall be the healthier version of what is found in any other grocery store. The location gives it an advantage of people traffic and at the same time the closest organic food restaurant is thirty minutes drive.
- The Company
Healthy food restaurant is an organic food restaurant whose main business will be selling natural foods to residents and people who visit Newbury Street. Healthy foods restaurant will focus on offering organic foods, fresh juices and chemical free detoxification solutions. We are expected to start operations by September 2013.
- Objectives
- Serve our clientele with the freshest, organic vegetables and fruits
- Offer preservative, artificial fertilizer grown foods
- Support farms that provide us with organic foods.
- Educate clients on healthy living style
- Mission
Healthy foods restaurant is targeting providing the highest quality, fresh and natural foods and wellness products.
- The startup summary
This proposal is expected to help us achieve the following: Know the components required in running a successful organic restaurant, in securing funds and finally a detailed guide in regards to operations and guidelines to the management.
- Product and service
The Healthy Foods Restaurant shall produce food on order per plate all organic. The restaurant will focus on the area residents and guests who want to enjoy healthy eating.
- Market analysis
According to the last census, Boston’s population was 609,023, 51.9% of which were female. Boston is one of the cities in the country with the highest number of student population, most of which are international students. The city is a home to more than 85 private universities.
- Management team
Healthy foods Restaurant shall be headed by three co-owners Makyala, Travis and Patric. Makyala is an established marketing manager who is currently working in a Chinese restaurant. Travis is a chef and a nutrionist by profession whereas Patric is an accountant and a business analyst.
Makyala, Travis and Patric shall handle the following marketing of the restaurant, in charge of food production and administrative duties consecutively. The three will first ran the business except for an additional chef and three part time waiters.
- The financial Plan
We expect that Healthy Foods Restaurants will be profitable right from the beginning. Sales projections will be as follows after tax: $ 15,000 per month, then we expect it to increase by around 30% per month for every quarter as popularity of the place increases.
- Sources and uses of funds
Startup capital is $ 120,000 investment; we all have agreed and managed to raise $30, 000 from our own savings. The balance will be raised through angel investors. Angel investors are wealthy individuals who choose to invest in business start-ups. The option of angel investors against any other is the advantage they have in offering expertise in business and they are located within Boston, thus they are easily accessible at any time.
2.0 Company
2.1 Company and Industry
Healthy Foods restaurant is an organic food joint located on Newbury Street in Boston. Newbury Street symbolizes a rich and urban retail environment. The restaurant will be opened in September.
2.2 Legal Entity and Ownership
Healthy Foods restaurant is a multi-member limited company. The principal owners are Makyala, Travis and Patric who hold equal shares of ownership. The company’s goal is to provide our customers with fresh, quality and healthy foods.
3.0 Product and Services
3.1 Description
Healthy Foods restaurant range of products will include healthy foods, wellness programs and educative sessions on healthy living.
Value based pricing method will be used in pricing our products. Value based pricing is a strategy that sets the price of the product on the perceived price of the customer. This pricing strategy is preferred when one is confident that the product has more value as compared to what the competitor is offering.
3.2 Competition
Healthy Foods restaurant main competitors are a thirty minutes away drive. And they don’t offer detoxification (cleansing) options and educational yips for their clientele.
3.3 Competitive Advantage
Healthy Foods restaurant competitive advantage is high quality, flexible operation hours, phone and online order placing services but affordable meals.
4.0 Market Analysis
4.1 Target customer
Healthy Foods restaurant is a business to consumer retail shop. The main target is the locals, tourists and international students in the neighborhood.
4.2 Market Size
Boston has about 250, 000 students from all over the world. With the current health risks everyone wants to eat healthy. Food again is not option for anyone thus it is in everyone’s budget.
4.3 SWOT
The strengths available for Healthy Foods restaurant over its competitors include a favorable location in an urban and rich street in Boston. With the number of foreign students and tourists continues to increase, this means a growing consumer base for Healthy Foods restaurant.
The weaknesses include the high cost of living in the area especially rent.
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