Example Of Personal Statement On Human Resource Management

Published: 2021-06-22 00:20:44
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The high turnover of 72% rests squarely on the owner of the club. This is because any transaction that involves acquisition or disposal of a player is equivalent to purchase or sale of an asset. The owner is equivalent to the investor, and hence he makes all the investment decisions in the club. The manager is only responsible if the owner depended on his or hers opinion in making these decisions. Good coaches appreciate the need to establish a stable team. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that these decisions were instigated by the coach (manager). However, if the manager is the one who consistently insisted on hiring and firing of players then he should be replaced by another manager who can work with the players with minimal changes.
A turnover rate of 72% is extremely high. Managers with such high rates of turnover do not deserve the hefty millions they receive as payment for work done. Such a high turnover indicates the coaches inability to train and nurture players. Human resource management dictates that managers should work to minimize costs while improving efficiency (Sims, 2007). This would mean a stable environment for players to grow as they become accustomed to each other. Team chemistry is believed to very crucial in any type of competitive sport, and lack of it may be the cause of the huge turnover. However, it may also be a consequence of the high turnover.
Such high rates of turnover indicate that American organizations are highly unstable. Personnel changes eventually retard the growth of any organization, and should thus be shunned if consistent growth is to be attained. Furthermore, high turnover rates also indicate poor management and inability to make right decisions. They, therefore, reflect a bad image of the organization to potential investors or even clients.
Sims, R. R. (2007). Human Resource Management: Contemporary Issues, Challenges, And
Opportunities. Charlotte, N.C.: Information Age Pub

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