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Published: 2021-06-21 23:56:30
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As a dedicated professional working in the healthcare industry since I was in high school, I know that Florida International University’s Healthcare Master’s Degree in Business Administration is an excellent choice for me to further both my career and my education. My career in healthcare management involves a great attention to detail, working with people, using interpersonal skills, utilizing computer knowledge, and understanding insurance and employee benefit information. By furthering my education with an MBA degree, I will be able to utilize the skill sets that I have already developed while acquiring new skills, gaining new knowledge, and be able to be able to advance even further within the same industry.
Having earned my bachelor’s degree at Florida International University in Health Service Administration, and knowing that the program met my needs, offered a high-quality education, and a positive environment are some of the reasons that I desire to pursue my master’s degree at the same institution. By using the online format I will be able to continue to excel in my current career and also continue my education. Although it will be difficult to balance both workloads, with determination and a drive for success, it is something that I know that I can successfully manage.
When I have a dream, and set out to achieve it, I do accomplish it. I began as a patient financial services representative, worked my way up to a health care administration assistant, than I became a supervisor. Now, as a human resources supervisor, I have been able to successfully demonstrate that I am able to manage and train employees, while also needing to be organized and efficient as I am responsible for the record-keeping and benefit information of many employees. Although it is an incredible responsibility, I wish to further my education as I know that I have even more that I can offer. At this time, when the healthcare industry is expanding, I know that it is the right time for me to continue my education. After having such a positive experience earning my bachelor’s degree at Florida International University, I know that I would like to earn my MBA through the same outstanding and reputable institution as well.

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