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Published: 2021-06-21 23:59:50
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I attended a play at playwrights’ festival. The student who performed is well known to me since he is from our school UMASS Boston School. I could say that the show was so amazing; I did enjoy all my best. The whole presentation consisted of four various stories, each being different. The show was made up of seven students. The presentations occurred simultaneously, having one act after the other respectively. The opening of the show was an amazing play by the name The Old metronome. The story was about a young man known as Chip; he walked in an antique shop at night while it was raining.
He wanted to buy the Old metrome but he had no idea that it was owned by a grumpy old lady known as Stella. The old lady declined selling the metrome to chip, so he decided to purchase the stories behind it as an alternative. The second presentation was about an ordinary family consisting of an older brother, his young sister and their parents. The sister was in love with a black gentleman, so she so it as a good idea to invite him for a family dinner. The girl’s parents promoted racism at the beginning, to their amusement, the gentleman was not only polite, well educated, travelled to many countries before and moreover he knew how to cook. At the end of it all, the parents get fond of him so much, since he had defied their expectations.
The third presentation was about a young girl who was locked up in prison; her reason was that she had murdered her stepfather. At this scene she was talking to her lawyer as to the motive of the crime. She said that her step father had been abusing her sexually for many years. The girl also had other responsibilities like supporting her younger brother; she later denied to have committed the crime and accused her mother. The last play four tuxes and a limo, was about a groom and three best men in a inn, earlier in the day of the wedding, the bride failed to show up, and this caused his best man to make fun of him claiming that it was a silly relationship.
The day was very much educative; I could not believe that students would perform such interesting plays. Leave alone the stage graphics, the lighting was very well choreographed. I think they had the best directors the drama club has ever had in the past. Not forgetting how the attendance was, the audience attendance was great because the room was full to capacity. It was so amusing how actors managed to switch character in different plays. I did enjoy that day and I learnt a lot, at least now I know which field I can join in order to perfect my acting skills.

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