Example Of Research Proposal On 9. The Rise Of Nazism In The 1920s. How And Why Did It Start How Did The German

Published: 2021-06-22 00:21:40
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History is an fascinating course to read. This proposal will look at the rise of Nazism in the 1920s specifically looking at how and why it started, and why it was allowed to occur. I like reading and searching about the history of the world as this is my passion. Nazi party had a brave but brutal leader, Adolf Hitler who overturned the government in order to fulfil the promises he had made to people when they won many seats in the government. He had a desire of bringing German speaking people together. German people saw him as a selfless leader who could lead them out of communist revolt. Still, others were jealous and against Hitler and thus I have an interest of knowing him with his party.
I have used Google search engine to search terms such as “Nazism history”, “History of Nazism in German”, and “Nazi German” which have led me to several websites exploring the history of Nazi and Hitler’s childhood. I have not seen any book discussing Nazism history, but several web pages have. For example, in the URL www.history.co.uk has discussed Nazism history as follows.
Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party was widespread and had many seats in German government by 1929 which was popular and politically attractive. Military and economic territories were in hatred due to disloyal politicians thus Hitler decided to put an end to it. World War 1 left a weak coalition government and crisis whereby Nazi party promised strong leadership and rebirth of the nation. Despite the promises, the nation experienced mass unemployment, social crisis to which Hitler considered as issues brought by Jews. Germans president appointed Hitler as chancellor with the mind of controlling Nazi party, but it ended up as government being controlled. Nazis intimidated, manipulated people in the government and eliminated political opposition where they ended up passing Enabling Act which allowed them to pass laws without voting for it. Jews ended up being killed since were believed to be the cause of German’s crisis in World War 1. Many families were destroyed, Christians killed, and other minorities religious groups.
The history of Nazi is unusually long and compelling to write especially on Hitler’s perspective; thus this proposal will look at how it started, why it started, and why the German people accepted it to happen. In the research paper, I want the reader to know the leader of Nazi party who led to the war of German and how it went through till the end. Hitler’s childhood and his jobs are ignored in order to narrow down the topic. In past years, World Wars were common starting with World War 1 and then world war 11 which were not suitable for native people in their nations losing their loved ones and ending up in social crisis and unemployment. I write this paper to focus on reasons wars occur, how they occur, and why people believe in brutal leaders who end up destroying their country by promising them the best. People will be enlightened by the research paper and will have a different perspective of leadership.

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