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Published: 2021-06-22 00:21:34
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Soccer is the most popular sport on the planet; it is now truly the number one game in the globe more than before. Soccer has its nerve-centers traditionally in Latin America and Europe. It has since grown to join the entire world, notably in North America and Asia. No other sport has an effect in the rest of the world like soccer. People have conjured up different endeavors of sports to entertain them; however, soccer has been dominant over all the others, why has this been so? There must be positive effects of soccer that most countries have emulated over years.
Background of the study
For decades, soccer or football as widely known has been a sport that parents have opted to sign up their kids on especially in America. After youth, soccer simply died, we all know of people who did soccer through high school and college, however, even with the talents they seemingly posed, that was all, and most kids played soccer on Saturdays just for excitement, which was a scenario that had been customary (Andrei and Markovits, 34). Young people would play soccer for a while, and then switch to other prominent sports, like baseball or basketball. This was especially in search of a profession that had greater opportunities, leave alone the monetary value attached.
A lot of research works have not been done to investigate the prominence of soccer in the world. This particular research proposal is geared towards a lingering question of why soccer has become a dominant sport. The answer is multifaceted and could quite comfortable occupy a book. Most of the answers are integrated in the nature of the game, however, the best lies on the culture and the history attached to, and surrounding the game (Mark 95). This particular piece may not be exhaustive; however, it deals with the perspective of making it America’s number one sport.
A lot of people point to the simplicity of soccer as being primary to its admiration, I agree to this. Soccer is one of the simplest and the most basic game. However, I disagree that it’s only its simplicity that makes it popular. Hockey is so similar to soccer, it is simple and with amazing skills of speed that is displayed. The big question is why it has not gained such popularity. There must be a common magic that cuts across the different nations and that sparks excitement on the different fans. It is with no doubt that its unpredictability as a sport, when compared to most of the sports, makes it seem even the more complicated.
Research question
1. What makes soccer a dominant sport around the globe?
2. Why should soccer be America’s number one sport?
 There is no relationship between the culture surrounding soccer and its dominance around the world
 Even with the increased dominance in America, Soccer should not be considered American sport
The objectives of the research project are to:
1. Examine the factors that have led to dominance of soccer as a sport in America and around the world
2. Establish the interaction between different cultures and soccer
3. Examine its suitability as America’s sport
Significance of the study
The significance of this study may be to:
1. Help the federal government to invest more in American Soccer
2. Improve the existing soccer logistics and infrastructure in America
3. Accept the importance and relevance of soccer in America as it is around the world
Literature review
There is a sheer depth of culture that is sand witched in the game of soccer and is surely incredible. The aspects of the culture that soccer brings along are quite wide and are impossible to list down. This is because of the fact that each country has pretty much different interpretation of the culture of soccer (John and Alan, 34). Whereas some fans wear the replica of the team’s jerseys others have chants that are unique and trace back to some history. Other fans have waves that originate from a particular culture. An instance is in England where fans drinks before a game, a culture that bring along different communities supporting a team, the unity it bring along is undoubtedly awesome (Andrei and Lars, 19). From American point of view, given the different cultures that cut across the borders, and as indicated in the article of Prost America by ECS, Steve Collins points out that there are different soccer fans with unique and interesting cultures, all with a common goal of coming together to support a team and enjoy the game.
A supporter from Emerald City indicated that being a supporter is not only about watching a game, but being part of something that is considered bigger than anything and being there to make so. Soccer has an effect of bringing people together, reconciling nations and healing racial wounds (Alegi, 31). In Africa nations have used soccer as a form of therapy; this has been evidence in Ivory Coast, Liberia and South Africa (Williams). It helps one to clear one’s mind and make merry about something (Barry et al, 67).
The research design that would be used would be qualitative research design. Data will be collected to investigate the idea people hold towards soccer in America, and making it America’s number one sport. The target population will be American citizens, and a small sample taken from fans in high school level. Samples will be collected using simple random sampling method, and a questionnaire will be used to collect this data. Data analysis will be done using a simple office application, a spreadsheet, since it is simple to use, generates good graphical presentations and is easily available.
The limitations expected include; time factor, limited resources in terms of available of stationeries and numeration of the field agents.
Annotated Bibliography
Alegi, Peter. African Soccerscapes: How a Continent Changed the World's Game. Ohio University Press, 2010.
The book explains how soccer has transformed the African continent in general. Various reasons why this sport was adopted in Africa and its rapid growth have been outlined. Currently, major leagues throughout the world have thousands of players of African origin. Therefore, the book is important in the proposed study, because an analogy would be drawn from the book on what is supposed to be done not only to promote the growth of soccer in America, but also to nurture the America soccer talent at all levels.
Andrei S. Markovits, and Lars Rensmann. Gaming the World: How Sports Are Reshaping Global Politics and Culture. Princeton University Press, 2010.
According to the authors, professional sports have become a global force. They are understood by all people, despite their cultural aspects and nationality. Their focus is concentrated on the 21st century global sports, with more concentration of soccer. The book would be a good resource in the proposed study, particularly on explaining what should be done to promote growth of soccer in America to compete in the global arena.
Andrei S. Markovits, and Steven L. Hellerman. Offside: Soccer and American Exceptionalism. Princeton University Press, 2010.
According to the authors, soccer is one of the best and most favorite sports in the world. Billions of money has been spent on promoting the sport in the past few decades, which has enhanced its growth. However, in America, it is one of the least developed sports. In this book, various issues on why America is exceptional in soccer have been analyzed. The authors further discuss what is needed to promote the growth of soccer in America, and this where the book will come in handy in the proposed study.
Barry Drust, Thomas Reilly, A. and Mark Williams. International Research in Science and Soccer. Routledge, 2009.
Barry et al. conducted an international study in science and soccer to display case of current research on the most played sport throughout the world. Various issues associated with soccer have been tackled in this book. Such issues include soccer coaching, preparation of players, nutrition and recovery, injury prevention and rehabilitation, as well as soccer academies. Therefore, this book would be a very helpful resource in the study, especially when dealing with issues associated with soccer that would enhance its growth in the United States.
John Sugden, and Alan Tomlinson. Hosts and champions: soccer cultures, national identities and the USA world cup. Arena, 1994.
In this book, the authors express various issues with regard to culture of sports in America in general, and soccer in specific. In addition, they have explored the identity of national sports in the country. They have gone a step further to analyze the USA world cup. Thus, generally, the book will be of great value in the proposed study in support the ideas as to why soccer should be America’s sport.
Mark Dyreson, and Mangan. J.A. Sport and American Society. Routledge, 2013.
The book is comprised of various essays on different faces of sport in the United States. The authors contributes ideas on the various ways in how American sport has contributed to exceptionalism, insularity, and imperialism. In addition, the history of sports in America is clearly outlined in this book. Therefore, the book will be very crucial in the proposed study, especially when outlining the history of sports in America and why it should be an America sport.
Pepple, John. Soccer, the Left, & the Farce of Multiculturalism. AuthorHouse, 2010.
According to the author, soccer is among the most popular sports in the globe. As such, it can be argued as being the leading multicultural sports. The author goes further to argue that America being a multicultural country, soccer will suit perfectly in the culture of the American people. The book will be very crucial in the study when explaining why soccer is best suited in America

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