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Published: 2021-06-22 00:17:22
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Physical health

After completing the assessment, I have realized that my physical heath is not really up to par. Among my weak attributes is that I don’t engage in a lot of physical exe4rcises like jogging or swimming. However, one positive aspect is that I at least get 8 hours of sleep daily.

Social health

My social health status is actually quite commendable. I am actively involved in a lot of social circles and enjoy being around people which is a positive attribute. I however need to improve on the aspect of honesty when it comes to friendships and relationships.

Emotional health

My emotional health status is relatively balanced although I realize that I can do better. Although I relatively find it easy to express different emotional feelings depending on the setting, one particular weakness that I need to improve on is not caring too much about other’s criticisms.

Environmental health

This is the aspect that I feel I need to improve on mostly. I have realized that I have not been environmentally conscious at all when it comes to maintaining the environment. I need to for example to start using bio degradable products and recycling products as much as I can and therefore be more environmentally conscious.

Spiritual health

In this aspect, I have relatively balanced strengths and weaknesses. For example, I am also concerned with welfare of those suffering. My one weakness is that I don’t take much time to think about my inner self and this is something that i should look into as soon as possible.

Intellectual health

In this aspect, I have realized that my major strength is that I have family who trust my judgment on many occasions. Another one is that I have a hobby that improves me as a person and that is soccer. However, my major weakness is that I am a poor time manager and I do not always consider my options carefully.

Behavior Change

Physical heath
I should engage in more physical exercises so as to improve the physical health exercise. I should also be more conscious about my general physical body condition and make sure that I eat the right foods to maintain good health.
Social health
I should be more outgoing and be more open to new relationships. I should also learn to trust people so that honesty can be attained in all the relationships and bonds that i form with people.
Emotional health
I can improve this aspect by adopting a set of mind that is open to judgment and criticism. In addition, I should be able to control and adjust my feelings according to the situation at hand.

Environmental heath

I can significantly improve this aspect by adopting a new environmental friendly approach to all my actions. For example, by being more involved in environmental sustenance campaigns and being an advocate for example using biodegradable and recyclable products.

Spiritual health

One strategy that I can use is to engage in mediation so as to reflect about my life. In addition, I should also seek religious intervention by personally communicating with God to guide my spiritual being.

Intellectual heath

The main strategy I can adopt is to properly manage my time by making a personal timetable. I should also formulate a program for learning from my mistakes instead of feeling bad about them.

Social Science

Heath Belief Model

The Heath Belief Model as a psychological model helps to predict and explain heath behaviors by placing focus on beliefs and attitudes of individuals. For example, alcohol taking is very common among college students for example due to peer pressure, family history of alcohol taking, insecurities and education difficulties. The Human behavior model can be used to explain why a student to change this behavior. This may be due to three elements. One is perceived susceptibility, for example, the risk of heart diseases. The other one is the perceived seriousness of the issue, for example, the risk of heart disease is large enough to warrant one to stop drinking. The third element is the cues to action, for example, television advertisements, boyfriend, girlfriend or family support or in extreme cases death of a family member due to alcohol abuse.

The Social Ecological Approach

This approach basically examines how different social, physical, cultural and political dimensions influence conditions and behaviors.
Individual behavior
It plays a huge role in health outcomes, for example, if a certain individual stops smoking, the risk of getting heart related illnesses in them reduces greatly. Many public heath intervention programs are designed to change individual behavior so as to acquire better health. Behavior changes that are positive can effectively reduce chronic illnesses. Examples of the determinants in individual behavior include physical activity, diet, and drug use amongst others.

Biology and genetics

Some genetic and biological factors are seen to affect some populations more than others. For example older citizens are usually more prone to acquiring poor health statuses than younger people due to the associated cognitive and physical effects that come with aging. Sickle cell is a good example in the category of genetic heath determinants. It is a disease inherited from parents. In total, the genetic and biological social heath determinants include sex, age, HIV status, family history and inherited conditions.

Health services

Access to and quality of health services has a serious impact on heath. For example, an individual with no health insurance coverage is not likely to take part in preventive care and may also delay treatment when he or she is sick. Barriers to heath services access can include high costs, in availability, language barriers amongst others.
The interrelationship between all these factors is actually the one that determines population and individual health. Intervention strategies should therefore be targeted at all these factors since they significantly influence one another.

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