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Published: 2021-06-21 23:56:26
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Globalization, trade liberalization, and increased market for goods and services have led to the establishment of numerous industries in the world at large. This in turn has created more employment opportunities, socio-cultural integration, and foreign exchange benefits. Nevertheless, industrialization and increased human activities has impacted negatively on the environment. Areas around industries are worst affected by environmental pollution from harmful emissions and waste products. Currently, the greatest concern that threatens human existence and survival is global warming. Global warming is a world disaster and affects mostly developed countries which hosts numerous manufacturing and producing industries. The main cause of global warming is increased emission of carbon dioxide, methane, and greenhouse gases. All these gases are emitted from human activities. Several attempts have been made towards reducing the emission of poisonous gases. International and national bodies have consistently held seminars with an aim of developing policies and treaties that can act as guidelines in reducing the effects of global warming. One of the treaties that have been developed is the Kyoto Protocol. The Kyoto Protocol, the first ever developed treaty, was designed in 1992 during the UNCFCCC which refers to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The Kyoto Protocol became effective in 2005 after negotiations over many years. This paper seeks to point out the advantages and disadvantages of the Kyoto Protocol and further take a firm stand as to whether Kyoto Protocol should be followed.
Advantages of the Kyoto Protocol
The Kyoto Protocol has two significant advantages. Firstly, the Kyoto Protocol aims at ensuring the adverse effects of global warming are reversed or reduced. Global warming has adverse effects on the environment. Natural environmental balance is severely affected by global warming which threatens the survival of natural living things such as human beings and plants. As such, there is a significant need to appreciate any effort made towards reducing the effects of global warming. The Kyoto Protocol has made significant steps in mitigating global warming through creating awareness worldwide. In addition, the Kyoto Protocol has seen many people become knowledgeable on causes of global warming, and the possible means through which they can reverse the effects of global warming. Secondly, the Kyoto Protocol is beneficial due to its invention of a justified policy used to encourage various countries to reduce emission of harmful gases into the environment. Further, the policy developed through the Kyoto Protocol is economical in nature since it relies on carrot and stick policy. The carrot and stick policy offers reward to industries which strive to reduce emission of greenhouse gases. As such, industries strive to reduce emission of harmful gases in order to take advantage of carbon credit rewards.
Disadvantages of the Kyoto Protocol
Firstly, the Kyoto Protocol puts much emphasis on gases emitted from greenhouse. As such, it fails to address other factors which cause global warming. Global warming is not only caused by harmful gas emission, but also caused by rapid population growth. Therefore, it is essential to develop a complete protocol that addresses all factors that influence global warming. Secondly, countries are not forced to abide to the proposals of global warming. As such, countries such the United States which have many industries do not abide to the Kyoto Protocol. Thirdly, the Kyoto Protocol burdens developed countries more as compared to developing countries. Therefore, developing countries continue to emit greenhouse gases since they are not heavily obligated towards the Kyoto Protocol.
The Kyoto Protocol is beneficial since it creates awareness on the adverse effects of global warming. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that the Kyoto Protocol should not be adopted since it has numerous issues. The Kyoto Protocol is biased since it addresses only one cause of global warming. Further, it burdens developed countries in comparison to developing countries.
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Victor, D. G. (2011). Global Warming Gridlock: Creating More Effective Strategies for Protecting the Planet (illustrated ed.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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