Example Of Varying Opinions In The Decision Making Process In Healthcare Management Course Work

Published: 2021-06-22 00:18:21
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Decision making process is a fundamental element and a central function in the health care industry for efficiency in delivery of medical products and services. It is basically the process of determining of the best choice to be made in order to attain the set objectives of health care entity. This process demands for influence, necessary behavioral skills and leadership for a successful implementation to take place.

Patient autonomy vs. beneficence is the critical ethical dilemma in the health care industry as discussed previously that prompt the management to formulated possible solution. The solution will enable the decision making board of the health care fraternity to put to an end the long term challenges brought by the ethical dilemma. To facilitate this, there has to be innovative, analytical and more creative skills set in place. (Harkness, 2012)
For this process to be successful it has to overcome all the obstacle and breakthrough to provision of required remedies to the patients. The barriers to its success are that the medical practitioners may be challenged on value of patient and the entire family of the patient on basis that the decision agreed upon violates their rights. Implementation of procedures that are consent recommends for the respect of clients rights on issue to do with self-determination of their physical health. (Fisher & Oransky, 2008)

Using of autonomy in determination of the desired decision and evaluating the state of mind for a patient to make own decision faces a barrier of being considered to substance argument since the patient has the full mandate and responsibility over his heath not unless it a scenario whereby he or she decides to seek for intervention of a third party.in the argument on the on the concept of dying and death there is a clear distinction between killing and allowing to die thus giving the patients and the family to protect the interest of their colleague. (Barry, 2007)
The success of this process is determine by the cooperation of the Family member since on few occasion they disassociate themselves in any decision making process in fear that they would be hold responsible of the consequences that befall the patient. These then follows that the patient do not get fully represented and also the analysis of the consequence of failure to perform certain medical action are overrated making it look dangerous thus inconveniencing the general process of decision making. (Harkness, 2012)

The health acts and law protects the patient self-determination against any violation on the grounds that the patient is not on the best state of mind to make decision. It then follow that decision making process gets a pitfall for its success. The law in place also to ensure that the patience- doctor affair are protected allowing the patient rights to be heard before any medical treatment is performed in his or her body. It also regulates the level to which the medical fraternity should have authority or rather power to overrule the patient. (Fisher & Oransky, 2008)
In decision making group, a member selected to represent the patient can become a barrier to a successful decision making within a health care entity. While holding the group meeting to make a suitable decision on the matter not all members will bear that mutual filing as to the action desired to be taken. It therefore questions the degree of reliability of the group.

Existence of the barriers that affect a smooth and successful decision making within a health care organization is facilitated by factors such as lack of an appropriate solution within the medical fraternity lead to the condition reaching a dilemma state. The said techniques are not certified to serve that purpose of decision making hence laying good grounds for the existence of the obstacle. Different ideologies and knowledge concerning a variety of illness within a health fraternity has be among the major causes as to why decision making has become a heavy task within the management and patients. (Barry, 2007)

Moral concern support the obstacle to the plan as long they do not have any principles and the action recognition relies on an person’s viewpoint, it is difficult to give typical decision-making measures and it being the case the medical fraternity would not achieve their set objectives.


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