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Published: 2021-06-22 00:19:46
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In a village south of California, there lived a family consisting of caring parents who natured and brought their children in the nature that enables them to fit to the society in the most admirable and positive. It was in this family that a young girl by the name Joanne lived. She was a young girl and admirable in the face of the many people living in the surrounding societal set up.
It was late in the evening that the girl decided to take the usual normal ride on her bicycle to the coastlands around the beach. The site was the best in the evening hang out for the many people who lived on the surrounding geographical set up. Due to her welcoming character she was liked by the many children of her age bracket and was always cheerful and had a word for everybody and a consolation for her all friends when they were low.
The girl strolled on the coastal lands in the overview of her usual normal routine of riding and binding a glimpse of goodbye for the day to the rest of her age mates whom they have been brought up together in the surrounding coastlands. Today the evening sun sets as usual vibrantly leaving behind the huge red ball of flames on the lower horizon, a suggestion of the glowing embers and life in the village across the coast.
On the contrary, today the coastal area seemed unusual for the young Joanne because the population was sparse and the people around were not familiar to her. Puzzled by the engulfed silence by the extraordinary men standing on the huge boat on the peninsula she decided to try her luck by cycling on the direction that only assured her that home was the most safe place from anywhere around the globe. Freaked by the ecstasy and the epitome of the whole swindle she tried running away from the scene but little was she capable because the people behind her in the most devastated state were first following her. Within a glimpse of time Joanne was on air carried away by two guys whom to her were unusual and heard well formed features and in the glimpse of the havoc and one of them laughing out loud she discovered the sharp canines which were same as the ones for the dogs.
It dawned to her that this people were giants and did not have the humane characteristics and actually, they were cannibals. The young girl was carried and dumped on a dark part of the boat full of dust and pungent smell which smelled like the rotten carcasses a clear suggestion that she was the next victim to be devoured by these unusual creatures which cannot communicate in any language best understandable to her. She recollected herself and gathered enough courage to confront these creatures with words, which to her was a mountain that was like climbing it holding a string. This is because there were associated dangers in the place, which ensured that her further enquiry was putting her life on the line.
Suddenly she saw the big giant going to another part of the boat and brought out a human head. Ready with a knife to begin the operation of chewing the human bits of flesh. Huh! She was mesmerized and blood almost froze in her veins as the face turns pale and she could not believe her eyes that she was the next culprit to be handled by these monsters on these chilling coastal waters.
The giants placed her on the sack that they did brought out the human head from and placed her in the position that demarcated that she was to be mercilessly murdered in cold blood. this is by these monsters that were so smelly and teeth dentition that proved to her that they were the cannibals who have gathered enough experienced in that field. She decided to retract her mind back and look for the alternative ways to curb the situation at hand, which was a matter of life and death. To Joanne there was only one option to her on the way to come out of the jaws of death in the most amicable way.
She only discovered that her small and tiny phone was on and in the silent mode. Fortunately, enough her Bluetooth was on and in her curdled condition in the sack she send her mother the text message telling her “danger and Bluetooth is on”. This was enough and her mother called immediately the special branch of the US navy to come into the rescue. Joanne continued witnessing the wonders in the most speculated cynic way because the giants in the boat were continuing enjoying themselves in a way that showed that they do not have any mercy concerning the human race but it was their prey.
Within a short glimpse, the navy cruise of the United States special branch was on the target of the raft boat and gathered to arrest the giants in the context that they will not course any harm to them. On discovering the associated dangers around them, within a glimpse of time, the giants immersed themselves in the seawaters and they were nowhere to be seen.
Joanne wondered where the creatures disappeared to but she thanked God and the navy branch of the US and above all the enhancement in technology that enables the communication through the cell phones devices work. Here she was unharmed once again to enjoy life again.

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