Free Argumentative Essay On Sex And Violence On Television

Published: 2021-06-21 23:58:08
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Contemporary society has evolved from citizens exuding strict conservatism in values and beliefs to being more open-minded and widely discerning in varied perspectives. The subject of sex and violence, for instance, were previously considered taboo as subject of public discussion, more so, as subjects of exposure in media, particularly through television programs. Scholars and researchers in various professional fields have aimed to determine the effect of sex and violence as shown in television programs. In this regard, the aim of the current discourse is to propose that sex and violence on television be restricted, given that the disadvantages and negative effects to society are more detrimental than any advantages which could supposedly be gained from their showing.
In the paper written by Trueman, the author contended that “television can be a source of good or evil Shows depicting violence, sex, and profanity influence. Television shapes the attitudes, outlook, and morality of its viewers” . Clearly, the author argues that sex and violence are harmful to society due to the negative impact that these shows effect to the viewers. Sexual content or pornography, for instance, were revealed to be harmful in such a way that viewers who allegedly were exposed to these subjects for considerable lengths of time were revealed to generate profound impacts on the viewers’ sense of happiness and continued satisfaction to their partners in life. Likewise, consistent exposures were noted to confirm acceptance to infidelity and the tendencies for gender discrimination in sustained relationships. As such, there were apparent decisions to decrease the desire for matrimony or to raise children, in the process . Concurrently, the study conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics revealed that violence is equally harmful in terms of their propensities to increase “aggressive attitudes, values, and behavior, particularly in children. Its effects are measurable and long lasting. Moreover, prolonged viewing of media violence can lead to emotional desensitization toward violence in real life”.
On the other hand, in a study conducted by Dienstbier, the author cited the findings published in a Report of the Pornography Commission that apparently disclosed contradictory revelations from the previous negative effects of sex and violence in televisions. As contended, viewers who get to be exposed to pornography did not manifest any significant changes in their respective sexual activities or behaviors. Likewise, their viewing these sexual subjects were reportedly not instrumental in contributing to diminishing moral attitudes or any evident increase in propensities for criminal behavior . Likewise, in terms of violence as shown in television programs, Dienstbier emphasized that “sexual and aggressive tendencies are effectively aroused by different classes of stimuli, developed and sustained differently through the various stages, and released through different arousal-release patterns” (181). These arguments therefore supported the view that sex and violence in television do not necessarily result to negative impact on the viewers, due to an array of varied factors that need to be integrated prior to arriving at a conclusive and definitive finding.
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