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Published: 2021-06-22 00:18:37
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Following the last Marketing meeting held on 16 Nov last year, the marketing manager together with her team decided to implement the application software marketing. This is where application software is designed relative to the marketing objectives of the company to aid in widening the market horizon. The application is used for advertisement and as a medium of online sales of the company’s products. This technology has the potential to introduce the company’s products to people with an android phone. After the marketing department acquires this software, training all staff members from all the branches countrywide on how to use this software, is necessary. The marketing department is planning to carry out an off-site training for all employees. A committee has been assigned the task to look into the different factors affecting the training. Several decisions have been arrived at after all the factors have been considered. The training is set to take a period of two working days, due to the large number of employees. A common venue has been picked where all employees will assemble for the two days training. The trainees will have to be accommodated near the training site, due to distance. Necessary accommodation preparations for the employees will be made.

Objectives of Training

1. Introduction of the mobile application to the trainees
2. Issuing out of the mobile application to the trainees
3. Theoretical training on usage the application interface
4. Practical training on usage of the application interface
5. Training on distribution of the application software to the customers
6. Conducting a mock sale using the applications
The training is aimed at introducing the mobile software to employees and training them on practical use of the application. The success of this training will be measured by how well the trainees will understand the usage of the application. This will be evaluated through a mock sale at the end of the training. The mock sale will involve a staged setup of customer-supplier relation, and using the application transactions will be done.

Necessary preparation

- There will be a pre-visit to the picked out venue for early detailing of the offered facilities
- Arrangements of the means of transport for the employees’ pickup from far outlets
- Stationary necessary for the training is to be purchased
- Registration of all employees attending the training should begin immediately
- Accommodation hotels will be identified, and the appropriate number of beds will be booked
- Preparation of the two days’ program
- The trainers are to hold a meeting before the training day to familiarize with the program

Resources needed

- Public address equipment and projectors
- Android Mobile phones for all trainees
- Transportation vehicles
- Accommodations for the two nights
- Catering company to offer food and drinks for the two days
- Printing services for manuals and programs to be used

Measurable deliverables

These will account for the complete training process. After the training is complete, the trainers should have passed on all the knowledge behind the working of the application to the trainees. The training is expected to guarantee that every employee can work with the application with limited supervision. In case of application failure, the trainees should know how to handle the situation.

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