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Published: 2021-06-22 00:20:01
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For preventing the clouded people of the great country of Egypt
For finding a new Egyptian Spirit
It is a melancholy object to those who sit these days in their cozy living rooms and watch the scenes on the streets of Cairo, when they see the desperate people of Egypt. A country, where the economy is growing three times faster than for example in Germany, but where still nearly 40 Million people have to live with less than two dollars a day. These people hoped to benefit from the big wave of privatization in the 1990s. They dreamed of clean hospitals, free education and a health care system that takes away their sorrows of being old and sick. They dreamed about a time, when they could be proud again, not only about their rich history, but also about the present. At this time 96% of the country was a desert. Somehow the big wave never reached the people and Egypt stayed a desert. And now the people ask: Mubarak, where are the 70 Billion Dollars?
Husni Mubarak, who was president of Egypt from 1981 to 2011, assures that he does not have the money. And isn´t it unfair to blame an old man for the misfortune of a whole nation? Imagine: A poor, old man, who worked hard all his life for exactly 800 and eight Dollars a month, now suddenly should pay back 70 Billion Dollars. Maybe it is the time for the Egyptian people to make together a big step and to realize that you cannot change the past and that the money is gone.
I have heard from an old friend that Egypt actually has quite a lot of things, apart from money and snow. So maybe Egyptian people should change their whole attitude to life and be more focused on the good things in their beautiful country. I would like to hug all of them and take them by their hand and sing with them together: Don´t worry, be happy. With this positive energy in our hearts, the bad thoughts would disappear like rainclouds in the sun and we would discover the good sides of Egypt. For example the history. I know, history is boring, but sometimes we can learn amazing things from it. In the case of Egypt we see: It is possible! The whole place cannot be so bad, people did it before. And I am pretty sure they did not build the pyramids by complaining about the heat. No, we need passion and love for what we are doing. And always remember: We are Egypt, we are Pharaoh. With this new confidence, the situation seems to be already not so bad anymore and we can start to think about solutions. What is our greatest plus?
The sand! Right, apart from a rich history and a really cool lettering, Egypt has a lot of sand. And sand is absolutely underrated. You can do a lot of great things with sand. You can build computers. Or put it on tennis courts. You see, the list of things you can do with sand is nearly endless, you just really have to want to find a solution and not always try to take the easiest way. Like blaming an old man and stealing his last penny. And if all of this is not working, well, there is one final solution that will work for sure: Changing the currency from Egyptian Pound to Egyptian sand.
Firstly, This change is fast. We can do it now, sleep one night and tomorrow most of the problems will be already solved. Secondly, It is peaceful. No one has to die for it and we do not need another bloody revolution with unnecessary massacres on the streets. Thirdly, It is perfectly fitting to the new self-understanding of the Egyptian people, who just learnt to love themselves and their country. It is working with the resources we have and not against them. For paper money you need trees. Something Egypt does not have so much. But for sand, well, mostly you need sand. Fourthly, There is obviously no danger of corruption anymore. All the sand, especially in Egypt, cannot just disappear in someone’s pocket. This time the wave of change will reach the people for sure and everybody can go outside with a barrow and benefit directly from the new national wealth. Fifthly, It will lower the criminality in a drastic way. There is sand for everybody and no need any more for steeling. And Sixthly, It carries the potential of a peaceful revolution in whole Africa. Other countries will realize their own richness. It’s a big step in the direction of a united Africa, where people live proud and healthy and in peace with each other, with the wealth that nature gave them.
I can already hear the procrastinators pointing out the danger of inflation. Well, if Alexander the Great would have hesitated all the time he never would have conquered Persia. Honestly: The best friend of inflation is the zero. And how do you say? Cancel one zero every month and inflation never comes. You might think other countries may not accept this change of currency. We will just not ask the other countries. Sometimes you have to do things instead of talking about them. Did the European Union ask Egypt when they invented the Euro? I cannot remember. And what will happen if we want to pay somewhere else? There will be no problem. It is not important what you have, it is important what you make out of it.
All together, I wish to say the people from Egypt are beautiful, open minded and a spark in the darkness of this world. But maybe they are sometimes a little bit lazy in dealing with their problems. Yes, maybe there is a little bit of corruption. But there is not one country without corruption. On the international corruption index Egypt is on position 118, from 174 countries. And do all the other countries complain and ask Husin Mubarak for 70 Billion Dollars? No. Because threatening an old man cannot be the answer. You have to find the answer in yourself.

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