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Published: 2021-06-21 23:59:38
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Question at issue
Why a sense of narrative tradition is essential to democracy?
For one to find out the basic cause of things they must involve tradition and democracy itself is considered a tradition. Tradition provides the base for reasoning. In the modern days people have lost a sense of narrative tradition contributing to their inability to form sensible dialogue which will lead to democracy. This is illustrated in the Chorus of Greek tragedy.
In his work Pozzi illustrates that;
“takin the pre-Dorianmyths from the Homeric renaissance and presenting them to the Athenian Audience, the playwrigths objectified the cultural tardition of the the polis. This enabled the audiencve of Athenian to distinguish beteween myth and creative storytelling for the fisrt time. This made action and speech a somewhat ‘distant” object of critique, debate amd refelection. This critical refelexity , in turn, was essential for healthy democracy” (qtd in Greek chorus).
How the quote prove your enthymeme
People who find sense in the tradition narrative find a ground for further thoughts that analyze the tradition narrative before they create a debate which forms the base for democracy. The people of Athens through the Chorus of Greek, they developed fear and hence overcoming individualism that uphold ethics and justice. The Chorus of Greek tragedy enabled them to develop an emotional obligation to democracy through deep dialogue. The historical past enables us to look back at it and then develop a future as an individual and gather together the possibilities of the present time. These possibilities can be explored and a conclusion made without necessarily holding to the status quo. Tradition narrative evokes a sensible dialogue which forms democracy.
Works cited
Pozzi, Dora C, and John M. Wickersham. Myth and the Polis. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1991. Print.

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