Human Resource Management Case Study Examples

Published: 2021-06-22 00:12:01
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Training evaluation or assessment techniques are the tools used to monitor the effectiveness of the training programs undertaken by the training division of an organization. The tools for assessment and evaluation deals with identifying the trainees’ satisfaction with the training program as well as whether they have gained any skills from the training that they can apply to their working practice. However, these techniques vary between organizations according to structure. These training majorly comprise of technical and behavioral trainings.
The reasons that would inspire any organizational to conduct such assessments include accountability; here, it is ensured that the training programs are in line with the competency gaps. The other reason is cost checking; ensures that the training programs achieve their goals within certain cost effective budgets as compared to the desired results. Finally, evaluation provides the trainer with relevant information regarding the success of the training.
There a five assessment techniques that I would recommend to the training division after taking this course, which include satisfaction and participant reaction, knowledge acquisition, behavioral application, measurable business improvement and return on investment.
Return on investment (ROI)
This involves comparing the resulting cost on the business against the cost undertaken during the training such as fees, wages and allowances to staff during the training, and opportunity cost of the time spent by the staff during the training.
Measuring business improvement
This involves evaluation of the key performance indicators after the staff training.
Behavioral application
This regards evaluating whether the staff are applying the skills they learnt from the training.
Knowledge acquisition
It is appropriate to administer an examination on the staff after the training to ascertain if the staff effectively learned the content of the training.
Satisfaction and participant reaction
The trainers should produce handouts to the staff after the training to get their reactions about the training.

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