Human Resource Management Course Work Example

Published: 2021-06-22 00:19:03
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Training is the act of learning on how to use certain skills for achievement of personal goals and organizational goals. However, it is notable in many organizations and individuals that training cannot stimulate a work force though it is an essential component of what will be required to accomplish the long-term goals of the agency.
Training could be in many forms such as education, induction, apprenticeship, orientation or management training. The reason for training is generally to produce change in an organizational setting through upgrading people’s skills or adding them more skill, which are expected to improve their performance and increase their overall efficiency.

Training is an important tool in the recruitment process of any organization. In order to get qualified personnel to fill a vacant position in an organization, the human resource department, which is charged with the responsibility of hiring and training employees need to posses the required basic skills in determining the most appropriate person to hire in filling these vacant positions.

Well-trained human resource personnel would be in a position to identify the best fitting person from an interview or any other forms of recruitment. Additionally, applicants for any vacant position should have the required knowledge to handle the positions they are applying for them. This can best be achieved by proper training of these employees. Proper training involves instilling the trainee with the necessary knowledge and skills that they need to achieve desired results in employment positions.
Most importantly, training can be conducted within the organization by the human resource department; in this case, this department would ascertain the best persons for promotion into higher ranking positions within the same organization.

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