Human Resource Strategic Management Plan Business Plan Sample

Published: 2021-06-22 00:02:20
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Human resource management is a discipline that is developed to make companies meet the objectives of the company and at the same time satisfying its employees. This management discipline concerns itself in matters touching the employees such as benefits, training, firing and hiring and administration. Strategic human resource management puts the organization at a competitive advantage because it affects with how things are done within the organization. It needs planning ahead to meet the future needs of the company and the needs of the consumers of the services and products the organization is offering.
The initial step in Human Resource strategic management is formulating policies of the organization in relation to the goals and mission of the organization. The mission states the organization aspirations by giving it the direction to go. The goals are the outcome at the end of the activities of the organization. The organization then proceeds to analyze the internal environment by looking in its weakness and strengths. The external environment consists of threats and opportunities. After analyzing all these factors, the organization through its policy makers formulate strategies that will help the organization make a choice on its human resource. The strategy is implemented and a system for evaluating how it performs in the organization is also developed. This enables the organization to function well. Management Human resource strategy involves matching the goals of human resource to the goals of the organization (Dyer & Reeves, 1995). Once the organization has worked hard to meet the desires of its employees, the employees will work to make the environment they work in to be conducive for productive work. Human resource management improves the productivity of skilled workers that will choose to remain in the company. When developing a human resource strategy the types of people that are needed to run and manage the organization are considered. The programs and activities of the organization must be in such a way that it attracts, develops and retains the staff it has.
A key factor that must be involved in the human resource strategic plan is the employee development. This starts when the organization is recruiting and selecting the prospective employees. By applying good selecting techniques will guarantee employees that will work for the organization better. It also reduces the amount of money hat could have been used to train the employees because the best employees will be selected(Lam & Schaubroeck, 1998). After they are selected the employees are put in a mentoring and a training program that will make them keep with the pace of the company. They are inducted on the activities and the projects that are going on within the organization. The organization can formulate a policy on training and coaching employees on a regular basis to ensure that the employees are moving on with the current technological changes.
A human resource strategic management plan helps in shaping the organization's image. An organization will be known by the people it keeps at it. By having the right kind of people, the organization cuts costs because it runs efficiently by utilizing the resources it has. Leaders are developed within the organization and are able to take the leadership in the future. The organization is able to meet the targets it has set by having the right kind of people in the right positions that they fit in.
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