Influence Of Theoretical Orientation Case Conceptualization And Intervention Admission Essay Sample

Published: 2021-06-21 23:56:20
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Theoretical orientation is what therapists know about psychological problems and how to apply this knowledge to resolve a patient’s/client’s problems. A therapist has to be thoroughly equipped with different theories to chart the best possible course of action. I prefer Existential-Integrative Therapy and derive my overall therapy approaches from it, but I also include interventions based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, and Behavioral and Family Systems Therapy. I believe that I have a natural gift of empathy which along with my training and experience will help all of my clients on their transformative journey. Our main goal as therapists should be to help our clients live better and happier lives.
My application for an internship for Doctorate Program is inspired by my desire to learn more about this profession and to help those whose lives have been made difficult by their own misconceptions or other external influences. I believe that 80% of behavioral problems are rooted in how human beings respond to any given situation. Information and knowledge do contribute to capability, but wisdom makes these effective and successful, so I look forward to augmenting and sharpening my professional wisdom.
Existentential-Integrative Therapy was developed by Fritz Perls and focuses on how experiences are perceived. Clients are stimulated to express feelings and their behavioral response to is observed for planning effective intervention. Integrated theory is a combination of different therapies and their application depending upon the individual’s problems. Clients can also suggest their own choice of techniques, and since there are always a variety of factors that cause psychological problems, applying adequate mix of theories will prove more helpful. Integrative theory will be used to decide which intervention will work better for clients, while Cognitive Behavior Theory will help them understand and identify their problems.
In following Existential-Integrative Therapy I focus on the present experiences of the client and simulate situations that evoke a behavioral response. For example, when I asked a high school girl about her academic progress, she showed her disgust and started commenting on education system, teachers and parents. Further investigation revealed that she was rated poorly as a student and she blamed all around her for her problems. This was maladaptive behavior, cognitive deficits, negative moods and interpersonal issues with her parents and instructors. I calmed her down and sympathized with her and then counseled her to change her perception about problems and convinced her to think positively. In her case I applied cognitive behavior therapy and psychoanalysis to make her understand how, where and why her problems existed.
Once convinced about right approach for treatment, clients will comply with instructions, and the effectiveness of intervention depends upon the content and manner in which therapy is executed. As a therapist I am empathetic to clients, listening to them and letting them express themselves, as I assess and analyze their problems and learn how they see their problems.

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