Informal Solicited Sales Proposal Creative Writing Examples

Published: 2021-06-22 00:19:56
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Our company is interested in supplying your institution with high quality computers accessories and other electronics as per the discussions we had during our last meeting on 26th March 2013. After your acceptance to this offer and upon payment of the deposit, the products will be delivered in all your branches or your headquarters by virtue of priority. We offer timely delivery to our customers and this ensures that inconveniences caused by unnecessary delays are avoided. In this case the products will be delivered within forty eight hours after the receipt of the deposit. We are also flexible enough to allow our clients place urgent orders with short delivery time and therefore, if need arises you can place orders for products that are not included in the initial invoice.
Meeting the customer’s need to their satisfaction is our main motivation and therefore we are dedicated to deliver what we promise by opening a new client’s file in which we include their specifications and what they order alongside what we deliver to ensure that even the simple details are put in place. This way we are also able to offer timely deliveries compared to our competitors as we start to deliver twenty four hours after we receive the customer’s deposit and depending with the distance, by forty eight hours most of our customers are able to receive their products. We have a team of dedicated staff who play a vital role in timely delivery and offer assistance on how to use our products. The products we offer are the best in the market and they come with a two year comprehensive warranty. We also arrange for basic training on handling the products and how to diagnose minor problems that might occur when using our products.
Our company boasts of over thirty years of existence in the industry and has served some of the leading companies in the country. By supplying only high quality products in the shortest time possible, we have been able to build trust in our customers who range from the private to public institutions as well as government bodies. Our members of staff are highly trained and motivated to offer assistance and ensure that clients do not have problems in handling our products. We are also known for our dedication in making quality products that meet the ever changing customer’s needs by embracing the newest technology.
The total cost for the delivery amounts to USD 26600. This is only for the three specified products and can be broken down as follows;
After the acceptance of this proposal, a total payment of USD 15000 should be paid in order to facilitate the delivery and the balance of USD 11600 cleared after the delivery and inspection of the products.
We will be glad to meet your need for quality products. If you are satisfied with the proposal and would like us to supply you with the products, kindly sign a copy of this letter and send it back to us and enclose a bankers check with the amount of USD 15000 paid in favor of our company. You can also get back to us for clarification of any matter regarding our products, price or in case of an urgent order.
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