IT Skills Consultant Course Work Examples

Published: 2021-06-22 00:18:26
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- Identify which of the four possible roles you would play as a consultant (coach, partner, reflective observer, or expert) and explain the reasons why?

The advisers’ role as one is able to assist in the capacity building and development of the organization. They are able to be flexible in all their endeavors during the project cycle and therefore are able to create awareness on whatever it is required to drive the project. The advise ids the light of the project and the driver of the projects life cycle. They need to competent so that they are able to deal with the workers and other staff. They are still required to make critical judgments regarding various issues and conflicts that emerge as the project progresses. They also make consultations regarding any fundamentals or proposals raised. They are to maintain rapport with the client and still with workers; they are responsible for bringing the entire workforce together.

The Coach role performs all the other tasks on the other hand, the consultant does not have any responsibility in performing the tasks and instead they are passive observers ad only provide feedback to the issues at hand. The coach normally instructs the individuals and also uses these same techniques to improve on the client’s satisfaction and performance they often provide feedback while also advising and prescribing and coming up with observation checklists for the sequences of the activities at hand. They are majorly involved in the growth of the client and hence, their personal responsibility is to see the performance grow and the clientele satisfied with their service.
The technical expert serves as a back-up. The clientele uses the expertise of the coach to make decisions and for some specific endeavors and tasks. They may or may not have distant relationships with the clientele. They help the client get over a problem since they have the knowledge and expertise to tackle it.

The partner is concerned with ensuring that the client is able to complete the task at hand, and that their problems are solved entirely. They maintain positive motivation with the client while still ensuring the sound and successful implementation of strategies. They mostly engage the worker in process oriented endeavors to jog their minds, so as to exercise and build on their skills and expertise. They therefore come up with agendas from the clients to participate, they provide them with data as well as come up with activities that will enable them to analyze and come up with conclusions and recommendations to their own issues at hand. They are further furnished with capacity building techniques, problem solving, brainstorming, planning and the organizations and moderation of meetings. These skills they use to moderate and carry out their tasks.

The client often plays the and hence, they are less responsible for the process, but most responsible for the results as it affects them directly. They engage in capacity building. They often seek assistance from the consultant and the coach. At times they may liaise with the expert so as to ensure teamwork, cohesion and solidarity for better performance.
Results and capacity building; the consultant is least responsible. The reflective observer assists clients to do a spot check on them regularly so as to deal with ambiguous issues and solve their problems. They also help in the monitoring of the progress of the clientele.

- Explain what you would do to get the merger project back on track.

When solving conflicts and the hostility among the French and British team members. There is the need to maintain the British applications that British applications should be the standard motive, and that only small changes should be build to them to lift any functional needs which are different to France. There is the need to increase the wealth of IT knowledge so as to make work easier. The workers need to be dictated so as to improve their techno-know how. They need to be taught the French language to make communication easier as well as to enable greater opportunities for them to develop the project.

- Explain what you would do to improve the performance of the IT Directors by playing to each of their strengths.

Personal effectiveness can be achieved by ensuring that everyone knows their roles as workers in the project and as equal partners in the project cycle. They need to know how to effectively manage people; this includes the staff and also the other outside forces that are related to the organization. Managing communications by building up the communications channels among the staff and all the members of throughout the organization structure . Networking needs to be made, so that the relationships between the internal and external forces are maintained. Conflict resolution needs to be practiced as well as proper management of the internal affairs of the organization. The decision making techniques are to be applied so that sound decisions are made. Flexibility in roles needs to be put into consideration. He or she should practice high levels of integrity and ensure the same is practiced by all the employees. Sound business sense needs to be maintained while on the other hand, adhere to principles of ethics and governance. Improve teamwork by introducing teambuilding activities so that the people are together during all the projects of the company.


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