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Published: 2021-06-22 00:18:17
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People talk of vision, or having a vision at some point in their life. But do they really understand what it means? Do they really know what it takes to make their vision a reality? Taking a textbook definition, a vision is a state of foreseeing and anticipating for things that may not be seen at the moment through physical eyes. There are people who go through life with a clear and unwavering focus on their vision, and there are those who cruise through it uncaring. As someone who wishes for a happy and fulfilling future, both personally and professionally, I have decided to devote myself to a vision. The field of linguistics has always been my passion with my favorite language being Spanish. Knowing this language is of course a vital element in making me reach my vision of working in the Spanish Royal Academy in Madrid, Spain.

Every language offered as a linguistic subject has a certain set of rules embedded on to it. I find it very interesting that there are adverse rules inclined into one’s mind following his or her ability to comprehend certain languages. Having in mind that rules are inevitable in the society, I have learned of the importance of having these rules and how rules instill discipline in whatever aspect of life (Cobarrubias and Joshua, 1983).

Like any other form of learning, mastering the Spanish language requires sacrifice and willingness to learn from mistakes, which I think should be the case for anyone who strives to be a professional individual. At times I would make grammatical mistakes which I am never fully aware of making at the moment. But my teachers assist me and point out what mistake I made, why it was a mistake, and why it is of utmost importance that I not make that mistake again. I believe that kind of teaching necessary in order for me to improve and be better in handling criticism. I also treat it as a preparation for the challenges that I may experience at the work place where I will be training students on how to use Spanish as a language. Therefore, making mistakes myself lets me grow both as a person and as a future teacher who will encounter students who will make similar mispronunciations and grammatical errors.

As a Spanish teacher I will be expected a certain level of mastery of the language. It may not be as good as the people born and raised in Spain, but my knowledge must be of a level where I can converse with Spanish people as well as read books in the said language without any problems. I must also be aware of the technical aspect of learning the language; such as, spelling, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, composition, and dialogue. It is important that the students be assured that what we are teaching is right because this language is part of another nation’s culture, and we, as learners of their culture should respect that.

My dream job has always been to work as a teacher in the Royal Spanish Academy. You can consider the Royal Spanish Academy as the highest authority when it comes to the Spanish language as it is used in the entire world. This institution defines all rules and principles that govern the use of the language whether oral or written. It forms the basis on which the language is used in the entire world.

As a trainer in this school, I will become open to various opportunities of mastering, not only Spanish, but other languages, as well. This means that I may have a chance to work for other companies following the trust that companies have to the training program of the Royal Spanish Academy. The academy also offers translation services, which is a core skill in proper understanding of other languages as well as the rules that govern how they are used in normal conversations and writings (Translating Spanish, 2011).

It is inevitable to encounter colloquial phrases when studying other languages. It is the job of the academy to ensure that these phrases are avoided by training people on the proper use of Spanish. Through proper understanding of these phrases, it will be easy to deal with students in class as well as correct them accordingly. Understanding these phrases would also assist me in avoiding unprofessional forms of communication between myself and the students (Stewart, 2012).

The worthiness of a job is measured by the pay that one would receive after working for a given period of time depending on the performance contract. The Royal Spanish Academy is a very popular institution and therefore encounters massive traffic of individuals who seek opportunities to learn Spanish. As the law of demand applies in economics; the higher the demand, the higher the price (Translating Spanish, 2011). Therefore, learners will have to pay more in terms of schooling fee. This will be reciprocated to me as it may cause an increment in my prospective salary.

Any vision anchored to actualization by undertaking the necessary steps is subject to realization. Taking an interest in the Spanish language developed my vision of becoming a professional in teaching it. However, it has anchored me with other skills in other languages, which need be translated into Spanish. The Spanish skills will be a platform through which I will obtain a chance to work with the Spanish Royal Academy. This is my dream work place where there are optimal chances of making a whopping income. 

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