Military Rules Said To Hinder Therapy Course Work

Published: 2021-06-22 00:16:37
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Confidentiality is of great importance both in the civilian and military life. This is especially so when it comes to treatment. Some patients require that the psychotherapists should keep their information a secret due to the consequences of releasing the information. On the other hand, confidentiality in the military service is necessary and the officers are not supposed to reveal any confidential information that may affect the activities of the military. The military service believes that all their activities should be kept secret. However, this is sometimes dangerous to the officers. This research paper will evaluate the differences between civilian and military confidentiality and the effects it has on the two groups. The research will also recommend whether this kind of confidentiality is of importance and hence should be maintained.

As for the civilian confidentiality, it is in the opinion of an individual whether he/she should keep the information he/she has confidential. This means that civilians are not compelled by anybody to keep their private information confidential. However, the military officials are required by the top officials to keep some of the information they have confidential. It would lead to punishment if these officials revealed the information to anybody (Hoyt, 2013).

Another difference is that civilians wish to maintain the information they have confidential since revealing the information would create difficulties in living and socializing with the other people. Revealing such information may lead to loss of dignity and respect. On the other hand, the police officers have to keep their information secret since revealing such information can lead to legal actions being taken against them or the other officials. This can lead to distrust in the military service, which would lead to many difficulties in their operations (Caroline, 2013).

Regarding civilians, it is possible that arrangements are made between the psychologist and the patient so that the confidential information that is disclosed to the therapist is kept confidential. This is especially so when the person involved has committed a crime leading to the problems that he/she seeks to be addressed. In addition, when a civilian has faced criminal assault such as rape, arrangements can be made such that the therapist keeps the information revealed confidential. In such a case, civilians receive the treatment they need easily. However, therapists are required to report any military officers who seeks medical attention from them. This concerns whether that officer has committed a crime or has been affected by a crime. The military system argues that this is important for the sake of ensuring the military system is respected and the people who serve the military are safe from criminal activities such as rape (James, 2009).

The consequences of the confidentiality are that the civilians are ready to reveal confidential information to their therapists so that they can receive the treatment they need. This is as far as an agreement is reached, the information revealed will be kept confidential. On the other hand, the military servants find it difficult to reveal confidential information to the therapists. This is because they fear the legal consequences of such information. As a result, these people rarely receive the treatment they need from the therapists (James, 2009).
The confidentiality in the civilian society is important and should be maintained considering that it helps in the treatment of the people with any kind of mental problems. However, it appears that military confidentiality hurts the military officials. These people prefer never to reveal any confidential information to the therapists due to the consequences of doing so. This is affecting many military servants negatively and should be avoided at all costs. The confidentiality rules in the military service should therefore be repealed in favor of treatment of the military officials facing mental and psychological problems.


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