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Published: 2021-06-22 00:18:42
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1. New born screening tests are to detect a newborn baby for different diseases and disorders that might be knowable at the time of the birth. I agree with this practice. The argument against it is that it might taint the babies life since from day 1 the parents will be aware of serious complications.
I think this can easily be compared to buying a car. You would want to know what issues you face in the purchase of it.

2. Cloning in biology is when two different animals share the same DNA. So far there has not been huge success rates in humans ability to do it. I do believe though that we should continue this line of research as it could lead to great breakthroughs in health and medine.

3. Gene therapy uses DNA like a medicine to treat diseases. I believe that this might hold the key to a lot of future advances. However, it also has the potentially to cause a lot of harm to an individual since we are only now beginning to understand how DNA works, so I think this procedure should be heavily government regulated.

4. Genetically modified foods, or GMOs are food that come from messing with the DNA of the plant or animal. A lot of people fear that this could leads to mutations, or cause the food to be less healthy, or even cause some virus to spread through a population that we cannot control. I think for the time being the laws should remain as they are, but that GMOS should be labeled and identified so that a consumer knows what he/she is getting him/herself into.

5. Stem cell research is the use of stem cells, or universal cells that can become any cell, in order to treat deceases. The biggest controversy comes form embryotic stem cells, which comes from aborted fetuses. Though this is a charged issue I believe that so long as abortions are legal, than we should not have restrictions on this sort of research.


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