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Published: 2021-06-22 00:00:42
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Maria Teresa Barros is an interdisciplinary individual with wide-ranged expertise in the fields of real estate, escrow closings, mortgage lending, and business consultancy and development. As a high achiever, she has pursued varied endeavors that enabled immersion to cross-cultural backgrounds. She is highly proficient in communicating in both Spanish and English. Concurrently, her prolific travels in other countries make her knowledgeable in other languages such as Arabic, French, and Hindi. These multilingual skills are considered core competencies in catering to the services required of clientele within the Orlando, Florida area and diverse customers globally.
Maria Teresa is currently the President and Owner of Notary Inc., a mobile notarial and escrow closing organization. Through her skills and qualifications in Real Estate closings for Title companies, the organization is able to provide services in the areas of Purchases, Refinance, Reverse Mortgages, Modifications, Short Sales, and Foreclosures.
Her professional experience extends from assuming diverse roles and responsibilities that aptly honed her competencies and abilities in different fields of expertise. She has been an outstanding Equity Loan Officer at Bank of America; a dynamic Office Manager at Academy Mortgage; as well as an enterprising Project Manager for Safwatec Inc. She was likewise connected in other organizations, such as Protection Plus Security, in the capacity of an Executive Assistant and Coordinator; Plutus Systems Cairo Ltd. (Assistant Operations Manager); and Divine & Estes P.A., as Legal Assistant/Loan Processor/Closer. All these roles evidently make her multidimensional and holistically well-rounded.
Maria Teresa is currently a member of the following prestigious organizations: Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Orlando, Florida; the National Notary Association; and the American Society of Notaries. Her exemplary talents were well recognized through awards and accolades such as being the Top Producer garnering the 1st Place in the East Florida Division and 8th Place Nationally of Bank of America’s Platinum Club Awards. In addition, she placed 2nd in a national level for Phenominal Customer Service of Bank of America’s Spirit Medallion, Customer Satisfaction Survey results.
She is currently pursuing a degree in business at the American Public University. Likewise, she has attended Troy State University where she successfully obtained several credits for the business administration program. Concurrently, Maria Teresa has attended the Emergency Management Services under the Emergency Medicine program of San Antonio College where she graduated with honors. She has genuine interest and love for the medical field and tried to pursue higher education on her spare time.
Maria Teresa could be reached at any of the following contact numbers: ; ; and . Likewise, additional professional information could be accessed through her LinkedIn account:

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