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Self-Discovery and Ministry
- Synopsis
The book Personal Power through Awareness by Sanaya Roman is one of the best-sellers books internationally. Despite the book being published in the 1980s, the message that is presented in this book remains relevant today. The message is timeless and continues to appeal to many readers in modern day. In fact, this book has been translated to approximately twenty four languages around the world. This indicates the importance and the timelessness of the information that is presented by Sanaya Roman in this book. Roman has over the years updated some of the key themes in this book, but the general information that is presented in largely the same as the original edition of this book. There is a great sense of love, light, and happiness that is presented in this book. Sanaya Roman systematically offers deep and through teachings regarding the topic of love and relationships through easy to follow processes that are well-outlined in the book.
The systematic organization of this book makes it easier for the readers to follow the message that is presented by the author. This book helps the readers to learn some of the ways of creating and initiating changes in their relationships, how people view themselves, and the ability for readers to love and fell loved by their partners in relationships. Sanaya Roman also presents the idea that what other people say or think should not affect our self-image or how we handle our relationships. Ideas from other people are likely to lead to the collapse of relationships. Roman argues that it is easy for us to be able to recognize that we have taken other people’s ideas into our personal lives and relationships. The only way, that we can be able to address these challenges is by releasing other people’s energies and relying on our own thoughts and perceptions of ourselves and our relationships.
One of the heartening ideas that Sanaya Roman presents is the idea that our ideas and sensitivity is a great gift from God. We should not in any way view ourselves as being inferior. Instead, we should believe in ourselves and our abilities. We should seek guidance in the areas that we feel that our energies are often frustrated, but should learn to make sure that we maintain higher energies in areas where we feel confident, calm with our own conscience, and positive about our actions. In this way, we can be able to lead quality loves and maintain stability within our relationships.
- Strengths
This book focuses on topics that continue to bother people both in the past and in the present. Love and relationship are topics of concern among many people. Despite the energies that people put in preserving their bonds in relationships, some people end up frustrated. This has often led people to lose hope and faith in love and relationships. This book centers on explaining in a balanced way the need for us to know we really are. Most of the relationships fall apart because people are not aware of their abilities and what they are capable of a achieving. This often results in disappointments because people might often see themselves as not being good enough for their partners. One of the key strengths in this book is the fact that Sanaya Roman gives hope to the people. Readers are attracted to any given text due to the benefit that they reap from it. For example, there are people who are attracted to a text due to the fact that they obtain entertainment from its content. In the case of Roman’s book, the advice and guidance that is given to the readers contributes to the wide reader base for this text around the world. Sanaya Roman goes an extra mile to guide the readers on some of the ways that they can be able to sense their capabilities and energies. The book also explains how we can be able to differentiate between our energies and the energies of other people. In addition, this book talks about how love and relationships are based on our ability to be in a position to identify the energy in our homes and the immediate environment. This is a key strength in this book because it creates a problem solving mechanism that is bottom up. The problem solving mechanism has to begin with ourselves. We have to know who we really are and the energies that we have. In this way, we can be able to identify energies that belong to other people and the effect that those kinds of energies might have on our lives and relationships.
In addition to creating a bottom up problem solving mechanism, Sanaya Roman also systematically explains about the way we should use our energies. According to Roman our unseen energies might affect other people either positively or negatively. Roman explains that there is a need for us to learn how we affect other people. We should make sure that we are neutral about other people. In this way, we can be in a position to create a connection of healing and not hate and competition with others. It is through recognizing our healing abilities that we learn simple concepts such as how much we should give in relationships, and how much we expect to receive from our relationships. In this way we do have to feel that we are giving some much to our relationships but we do not get the same in return. Sanaya Roman explains that our failure to learn how much to give and how much to receive may put us in a situation whereby we might feel as if we are responsible for making everyone happy. However, making everyone happy is something that is in retrospect not possible. This is because some people will always look at us in a negative light despite the fact that we give much to them.
Another important strength in this book is that it brings out the fact that one is an individual is the most important. This means that loving yourself fast is the precursor to success both in life and in relationships. Roman explains that we should be able to learn our weaknesses and make sure that we release them as soon as we can. We should be able to love ourselves for who we really are but not for the social constructions that are created by other people about what we should be. Under this topic, Roman explains that we have an internal dialogue with ourselves. He explains that this own personal consciousness. We should learn to take actions based on our own intuitions but not the directives that are created by other people.
The fact that this book is fairly short is strength. This is because readers are often blown away by many pages of reading and in some cases may not read the entire book. However, this book uses simple language that easy to understand and follow. In this way many readers around the world are able to benefit from the teachings that are presented in this book.
- Area of improvements
The information that is presented in this book is noble. It is important that this information reaches more people around the world. Some of the improvements that need to be made in this book are making sure that it is translated to many other languages so that more readers around the world are able to benefit from its content. This book is also centered on the idea that we can create better lives and relationships by being able to identify our inner energies and following our consciousness. However, it is important to note that there are outliers in this model that the author seeks to create. People will disabilities and other challenges find it difficult to depend on their own inner consciousness. Most of them have to depend on the higher guidance of others which in some cases might not produce the best outcome.
- Potential concerns
Some of the potential concerns that might arise from this book is that it is not guarantee that following these teaching will provide a positive outcome. Readers might at times find it difficult to adjust their lives so that there are able to live as per the instruction of Sanaya Roman’s work. In addition, social dynamics continue to evolve over time. This might mean that there is a possibility that some of the ideas that Sanaya Roman presents might be inapplicable in the future.
Roman, Sanaya. Personal power through awareness: a guidebook for sensitive people. Tiburon, California: H.J. Kramer, 1986.

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