Riverside Paediatric Association Case Study Sample

Published: 2021-06-22 00:12:00
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Any plan set to maintain and improve the original objectives of a hospital while at the same time enabling it cope with the rising challenges is crucial and needs a lot of thinking. The original plan of Riverside Paediatric Hospital was sidelined when the management was faced with the challenge of accommodating a large number of patients, a factor that they had not reviewed in the initial plan for the hospital.
In order to bring the hospital back on track, several changes needs to be made as pertaining the management and relationship of workers during working hours at the hospital. These include/>
- Improving the service offered to patients.
The owners of the hospital should stick to their professionally trained knowledge of treating and instead employ an administrator who is more qualified and experienced in handling employee cases and the general management of the hospital (Draft, 2008). This will allow them to handle the overwhelming number of patients in the hospital and thus reduce the work load. They would also get their lost self-fulfilment and instead of trying to manage the entire hospital, use their expertise in helping new doctors and nurses get equipped with medical issues of the hospital and find time to review the general performance of the hospital.
- Timely fee collection from the patients.
It is evident that the existing accountant finds it overwhelming to handle the finances of the hospital. She should be assigned an assistant to help her in the process of money collection and recording. Modern methods of cash keeping should be introduced and the computers improved to a wider memory to keep all the financial records. This would help the hospital know where each cent is allocated and to come up with methods to save the finances early enough before the entire hospital runs bankrupt. The method of payment of the funds by the patients should also be formed and strictly followed. This will reduce the cases of delinquent patients who evade paying their fees after treatment.
- Proper dispute resolving methods
The employees have been found to be fighting each other every now and then. A proper dispute management program should be formed where by any employee who has a dispute with the other can channel their complaints instead of taking their frustrations to the patients.
Draft, R. (2008). The Leadership Experience, 4th ed. Available at http://books.google.com/books?id=JJ_HuV1KlyQC&printsec=frontcover#v=onepage&q&f=false

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