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Published: 2021-06-21 23:58:56
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Rite of passage refers to the occasion or an event that classifies an individual to have transition from on stage of life to another. This activity encompasses Clitoridectomy, rite, Circumcision, and infibulations. It is valued and treasure within the community. It normally commemorates or rather celebrated through performance of fork dances and songs to entice the entire event. It exists in between the current or present time and the standing reality. The rites of passage classified into different distinct forms namely territorial passage whereby a person is required to go by certain set formalities (Kasomo, 2010). The other type of rites is childbirth and the period during of pregnancy. On event of birth of a child, people in that particular community comes together to celebrate and officially welcome the newborn to the society. It is also a ritual for a woman who is pregnant she is given a special treatment and more attention by most of the member of that community.
The research conducted by doing a thorough reading of both primary and secondary source collected from different written records. It is based on the data obtain collected from materials such as articles, by conducting interviews with persons conversant with the practices hence acquire first hand information. The researcher applied observation methods in determining the manner in which different community with different traditions and cultures conducted the ritual ceremonies. The research is also from governmental records and from both published and unpublished book relevant for the study (Kasomo, 2010).
Summary review
The rites of separation usually marked by cutting of body part to shows a physical membership into a certain level to take it higher and more superior compared to the previous condition. This process refers to a situation whereby the initiates get an opportunity to undergo purification before joining the rest of the community in the sacred world. This practice is link to the people’s social relationship. It thus means that they do celebrate with a motive of taming the conflict and any tension that is currently taking place. Rite of passage has been set in place to ward off any suspected emergence of violence along with the people social life. It is only possible, by developing resolutions of tension technique.
The society gains the mandate to oversee the progress of the initiate by ensuring the rite of incorporations implemented thus preparing the individual to enter the sacred world (Kasomo, 2010). These include the events celebrated when one acquires a new name and sanctifications among others. During the ceremonies, there are always sign that must be left in the participant body to act as a symbol of unity among the people in the community. The imprint may include an indelible mark that is either in the people’s minds or in bodies.
In a general view initiation as a rite of passage is a process through which one passes from childhood to adulthood. It therefore implies that after undergoing initiation the society entitles an individual the responsibility of leading his people and becoming accountable for his or her own actions.
The rites of passage often happen in all societies in Africa for example the circumcision as a rite practiced by Masaba people of Uganda. The social situation that brings people together, the people involved share life experience, which shows the essence of religion. The part of believing in a supernatural being since the ancestors create link with God. The concept is educational since it fosters attitudes; the initiates obtain teachings from their elders and for them to apply in their daily lives, for example their change of status to maturity, thing, actions, and feelings.Life is a communal thing; people coexist, as they are all social in nature and life in groups (Kasomo, 2010). for instance a wife I belongs to the clan and the society has responsibility to deal and address their concerns if anything happens to them like providing protection for those who are pregnant, for instance the people of Bamasamba the relationship is compared with a garden which if not tended well weeds take over and sooner it chokes the crops. Basically the youths learn a lot during initiation ceremonies for example they get renamed for the rebirth , induced to the art of maintaining communal co-existence and gain skills to be able to toggle challenges and problems that arises.The rite of passage has an impact in the community since such individuals become the figure of the society and the community at large in the issue concerning the decision-making processes. The various phases that take place, the transition phase the individual concerning the cultural practices, which concerns the changes that take place, the individuals, undergoes incorporation, for example a child is shaved to indicated entry to a new stage. The relationship with Christianity shows the ways which concerns the relation with the God, though Christianity was against the Clitoridectomy practiced among the Abagusii in the rites concerning women, which the society sees them as a set back to the development (Kasomo, 2010).
The research is a motivation to what to explore more about different cultural practices and beliefs in a community set up. The research is a complete coverage of the activities taking place in the society as the rite of passage. They are mostly common in African countries, whereby the societies in a given country for instance Uganda, a person gains an important role. These roles are so vital because culture and religion has facilitated it. Basing on a Christianity perspective, in reference to the bible Jesus had commendable respect for the moral laws set by the people of Jewish.
In a general review, it considers that a person feels important when he or she is isolated or separated from the rest of the community. For instance, referring to a pregnancy case most and attention shifted to the mother. This is because the newborn provide blessing to the community. Rites of passage are not in any way used to make a person get a feeling of not belonging to either sacred or profane world. Instead, the major objectives of the event are to incorporate the concern persons on either of the two worlds (Kasomo, 2010).
Different human rights activist bodies have criticized some of the rites in the society. They argued that not all rites that are currently taking place are in terms with the human right for instance women circumcision. It did not have any reasonable impact as why women should undergo such a ritual. The role of ritual clearly states in the research. These roles include preparing the youth into adulthood and being entitle responsibility in the society. It is also an essential element in the well being of the women since they earn the respect and in a situation of marriage she cease to be an dependent woman but rather all persons in that particular society are given the role of protecting and respecting her.
Kasomo, D. (2010). Research methods in humanities and education: Qualitative and quantitive research made simple. Saarbrücken: LAP Lambert Academic Pub

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