Science Fiction Literature Annotated Bibliography Examples

Published: 2021-06-21 23:56:50
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Czernada, J. E. (2006). Science fiction & scientific literature. The Science Teacher, 4, 39,40,41,42.

This paper used to expound on the differences and advantages of science fiction literature over scientific literature. Julie Czernada argues that science fiction has so much to offer in terms of proper science while addressing the same time the literacy basics. The article seeks to justify why science fiction literature should be incorporated in school syllabi.

The Science fiction &Scientific literature article cites “science fiction literature should not be read only for enjoyment but rather to help students dig into scientific concepts with imagination, creativity and a thorough appreciation of consequence”. Good science fiction is story, science and speculation all packaged for improvement of critical-thinking and literacy.

The writer queries how science fiction literature can be fixed in an already filled-up science curriculum in schools. The journal shows that science ought to be developed as an ongoing process hence the inclusion of science fiction literature will aid in ensuring that scientific concepts are inculcated in students in different ways.

The approachability of science fiction is one of the core aspects that make it an ideal tool of making science a much loathed subject by students to be an involving and enjoyable study. It also helps learners to be able to critique current events and issues using knowledge that is provided by the science fiction literature. Another factor that still attests that science fiction as vital in the study of science is the fact that it can easily be gravitated to outside reading and not only in the classroom. It also serves as a channel for many students can use to tap their creativity as it has fantastic exploratory nature.


Czernada, J. E. (2006). Science fiction & scientific literature. The Science Teacher, 4, 39,40,41,42.

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