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Published: 2021-06-22 00:19:40
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Secretary appraisal form
This form helps the management to assess all characteristics of employees who work in the organization (Dirk, Clare, Carol & Chris, 2007). The head of the Human Resource Department fills the form while the employee and the manager sign the document if they agree with the feedback from the human resource (institute, 2012).
Part A
Position ..
Length of time in the company .
Appraised by .
Part B
Arrival at work
- Arrives early every day
- Arrives early at least 25 days of the month
- Arrives early less than 25 days of the month
- Arrives late every day of the month
Deadlines and commitment at work
- Completes tasks before deadline
- Completes task at the date of deadline
- Completes tasks within two days after the deadline
- Completes tasks beyond two days after the deadline
Communication skills
- Communicates fluently and in a friendly manner
- Communicates fluently but not friendly
- Does not communicate fluently but in a friendly manner
- Does not communicate fluently and is not friendly
Balancing financial statements and preparing report
- Balances statements and prepares reports on time and accurately
- Balances statements and prepares reports on time but is not accurate
- Balances statements accurately but does not prepare report on time
- Does not balance statements accurately and is always late in preparing reports
Dress code
- Observes the dress code all the tine
- Observes the dress code but has an attitude
- Does not observe the dress code but has no attitude
- Does not observe the dress code and has an attitude
Computer skills
- Operates all computer packages effectively
- Operates all computer packages but not effectively
- Operates some computer packages effectively
- Operates few computer packages only and ineffectively
Part B comments ..
Overall comments
Manager ..
Employee ..
Dirk D., Clare H., Carol B., & Chris S. (2007). Effects of upward feedback on leadership behaviour toward subordinates. Journal of Management Development, 26, 3, 228-238.
Dessler, G. (2011). Human resource management. Boston: Prentice Hall.

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