Socioeconomic Status And How It Affects A Persons Life In Health Thesis Examples

Published: 2021-06-22 00:22:17
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The capitalist system adopted globally comes with costs. One of the easily observable characteristic is that money defines a person. In other words, the economic ability determines one’s capacity and place in the society. This is what Karl Marx coined as pure capitalism which creates a system of classes in the society with the bottom at the pyramid being the poor.
This research paper appreciates the social class stratification argument by Karl Marx. Indeed, it is the contention of this paper that the economic ability impacts on the social class of a person. This is what can lightly be referred to as socioeconomic status. The members at the top of the pyramid, who in many cases are the owners of factors of production, control and exploit the proletariats at the bottom. Therefore, the economic ability which has a bearing on the demand of an individual determines one’s access to commodities. It, therefore, goes without saying that the persons belonging to the upper class have access to the best commodities due to their economic abilities. On the other hand, those belonging to the lower classes are compelled to accept the residuals since their economic abilities are lowest. Interestingly, the market also resonates well with this state of affairs. In that vein, the sellers bring to the market what the market demands.
It is this class system that has occasioned differences in health. This can be related to two main factors. Foremost, the upper classes consume the best products and services hence have lower negative effects on health while the lower classes consume residuals and would be impacted most in terms of health. In addition, the upper classes can afford the best healthcare services while the lower classes are reduced to consuming the only available healthcare which is only the bear minimum and not as effective. It is this state of affairs that occasions the health differences among the class system.

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