Sometimes We Do Not Know How Abnormally Strong We Are Until Being Strong Is The Personal Statements Example

Published: 2021-06-22 00:20:47
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Sometimes during the laboratory experiments scientists place certain material or substance under the conditions different from those of their conventional, habitual environment in order to investigate on their intrinsic characteristics and define their potential capacity. I am convinced that same may be applied to people. Traveling to some places different from where we have grown up is the touchstone of how well-adjusted to life we are and how capacious of a mind we possess to interact and communicate with people from different cultures.
I have been to summer schools like TASIS, The American School in England, where I spent seven weeks three summers in a row, and I also went to GYLC (Global Young Leaders Conference) for 3 weeks over the last summer. This was an astounding experience, with every bright moment becoming an unforgettable memory and every little obstacle or difficulty making me stronger. I was accompanied by my younger brother, and it certainly helped me a lot. Having somebody whom you can absolutely trust by your side makes it easier to survive in the foreign community, because no matter what your relationships are with other people, you can always turn to your family and seek their support. Moreover, I was taking care of him, which made me realize how big of a responsibility I had and how I should stay strong and mature to demonstrate an edifying behavior pattern to my younger sibling. I knew I could not give up, and it highly motivated me to move on.
I had never known how strong I really was until then. What matters is that I have acknowledged the necessity of being open-minded, independent, and self-reliant person and be prepared to meet whatever the life throws at me with all due dignity, while still valuing and appreciating the support of my family and friends.
I can say that spending time in a foreign culture certainly performs a positive impact on one’s personality and by making them feel vulnerable and unstable it definitely navigates them through some homiletic life scenarios and presents them with valuable experience, which certainly assists them in eventually finding a firm ground.
So, am I now experienced when it comes to traveling far from home? I sure am. Am I prepared to face potential difficulties and put all my efforts in overcoming them? Certainly. Do I consider it possible to give up and go with the flow? Never.

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