SWOT Analysis Case Study Examples

Published: 2021-06-22 00:13:28
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Strength, weakness, Opportunity and Treats (SWOT) analysis are measures used to evaluate and determine the performance of an organization in a given period of time. When SWOT analysis is performed regarding the student organization, the following is revealed. There is availability of students who replaces the outgoing officials. In case of official turnover, there are no instances of inadequate officials to run the organization. This serves as strength to the organization. On the other hand, all outgoing officials have been in their position for a couple of years. The organization should have a hierarchical model of management based on the number of years in the institution in order to have the junior officials replacing the leaving officials. This shows that, the organization has a weakness in its management process. This mode of operation of the organization may pose a threat to the organization as it may get new officials with inadequate management skills. This will affect the smooth running of the organization. Similarly, an opportunity reveals itself as the new officials may have a new management skills they will move the organization up the value chain. The management of the organization is in question. When the management team is replaced with new members, new methods of management are adopted, which may lead to the achievement of its mission or fail to achieve it. This is why the process may be an opportunity or threat to the organization.
In order to achieve the organization's mission, the students should reorganize the management team. The powers and authority should be ranked to officials in different years of learning so that the left official will retain the management skills adopted. This will help the organization to retain its management ideas and acquire others from incoming officials.

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