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Published: 2021-06-22 00:11:18
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There are many issues surrounding the life of Marci, the 23 year old young woman that seems to be losing her mind because of perceived indulgence into drugs. Among the primary issues surrounding the life of Marci, the young woman, are such things as:
List in order of importance
- Dependence – seemingly, Marci is dependent on Marijuana because, despite the problems the drug has landed her into, she does not seem to quit using it. On the contrary, she describes it as pleasurable.
- Peer pressure – from the case, it is clear that the choice to abuse drugs can be closely connected to her bond with her high school boyfriend, and her current college mates. There is adequate evidence that her problem is rooted in her friends’ circle.
- Depression and anxiety – this is a primary issue, especially considering that it affects her relationship with her parents and the desire to perform.
- Failures to play her part – apparently, the parents have played their part by ensuring she is in school. Unfortunately, she is not performing. Conversely, her grades are dropping.
Rationale and link to desired outcome
The rationale for the above listing lies in the reality that the most significant concern right now is that Marci is dependent on drugs. The frequency with which she consumes the illegal drugs indicates a worrying trend because she does not see the wrong in such abuse. She describes her use of marijuana as being pleasurable. The reason why I listed the issues in the above order is because in the long run, the objective is to have Marci sober up and stop using drugs. Another desired outcome is to prevent further indulgence. Summarily, the overall aim is restoration of the condition of Marci.
Diagnostic impressions
According to the DSM VI, 23 year old Marci is suffering from two types of disorders, namely, the drug and substance abuse disorder and the drug and substance addiction disorder. As a matter of fact, these are the two broad categories of drug and alcohol related disorders. The DSM IV criteria as well breaks down the disorders into alcohol related disorder, cannabis related disorder, poly-substance disorder, hallucinogen disorder and so on.
The criteria used in diagnosing Marci with addiction and abuse of drugs is as follows
- Desire to quit – Marci has more than once expressed her desire to quit using drugs. Unfortunately she is unable to stop despite the efforts and concern expressed by her parents.
- Despite knowing the dangers, she does not quit – Marci has been involved in accidents more than once, but still does not give up the drug consumption habit.
- Social ties weakening – addiction will see the social ties of an individual weaken because according to psychologists, drugs replace the friends and family when one gets addicted.
- Time spent on drugs – as seen from the case of Marci, she abuses drugs on almost a daily basis because, virtually all weekend is dedicated to drugs. The weekdays are no better because apparently she smokes marijuana three times a week.
Drug abuse
- Drug abuse is characterized with one finding themselves on the wrong side of the law. Marci finds herself in wrong terms with the law enforcement authorities.
- One is said to be abusing drugs if they are seen to recurrently use the drug. This is the case with Marci, whose intake is recurrent and worrying.
- Drug abuse results in the failure of an individual to meet obligations. As a matter of fact, Marci is obliged to work hard in school since her parents are strict on performance. On the other hand, Marci is the first born in a family of three. She is obliged to act as good example to her siblings.
- Recurrent use in physically compromising situations has as well been identified as a potential sign of drug abuse. Marci smokes marijuana and drinks wine deep into the night even when she had to drive herself home. Driving under the influence is one of the most compromising physical conditions as it puts the life of the individual at risk.
Treatment recommendation
- As a way of dealing with the menace, I would recommend that Marci be subjected to multidisciplinary intervention, for instance trough having a psychologist and a spiritual leader guide her and assist her find hope in the possibility of reformation.
- Spiritual intervention will be particularly important in having her accept that she has gone wrong and needs to restructure her life.
- Marci can be encouraged to change her company as the company she has is the primary problem. Her friends are the cause of her troubles.
Biopsychosociospiritual aspects of the case
These are aspects that revolve around an individual in terms of mental makeup, biological or genetic aspects, sociological aspects or social relationships and spirituality.
Social aspects
Speaking of social relationships, it is clear to see that Marci’s plight is closely connected to her relationship with her college mates and her high school boyfriend. Attacking the problem from this angle may require that Marci finds ways of establishing helpful social relationships. This may mean that Marci takes time to reflect upon the value friends add to her life.
Spiritual aspects
Spirituality refers to the inner connections between an individual and the Supreme Being as well as their friends and family. In Marci’s case, her spirituality is already in jeopardy. She has literally lost touch with such factors as religion since she no longer accompanies her family to church missions. Revival of her spiritual journey could divert her attention from drugs.
Biological or physical attributes
While the problems of drug abuse and depression can be found in the family tree, they are not prominently manifested in her immediate relations. As such, it becomes easier to have her parents guide her through the recovery stage.
Psychological factors
Mentally, Marci is upright. There have not been cases of attempted suicide or panic attacks. Even so, the anxiety and depression need to be addressed before they degenerate into more serious problems. Such can be addressed through guidance and counseling, coupled with self evaluation and reflection.

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