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Published: 2021-06-22 00:17:18
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The word Buddha means a person who has attained a state of perfect enlightenment. It is used in reference to Siddhartha, the Indian mystic founder of Buddhism who began preaching after achieving supreme enlightenment at 35.

- When the Buddha experienced enlightenment, he discovered the Four Noble Truths. Name and briefly explain the Four Noble Truths.
- Life means suffering; the suffering is brought about by the fact neither that nor the human nature nor is the world we live perfect. Therefore, human beings have to endure day to day challenges such as sickness, sadness or pain.
- The origin of suffering is attachment; suffering to humans ensues as a result of our attachment to transient things such as wealth. Transient things have no permanence and do not promise everlasting happiness leading to suffering in the aftermath.
- The cessation of suffering is attainable; this truth explains how suffering can be averted through nirodha, which means letting go of sensual attachments and clinging.
- The path to the cessation of suffering; the path to cessation of suffering is through gradual self improvement explained the eight fold path.
- Explain the four sights that Siddhartha Gautama saw which ultimately led to his Great Renunciation?
- The first sight was that of a rather descript old man, Siddhartha was shocked at this sight and he went back home with his driver, he discovered that we all get old at some point.
- The second sight was of a sick man full of sores ion his body, he went bank home out rightly shocked. His drive explained to him that all human beings get to fall sick at some point.
- The third sight was that of a funeral procession. He thought it was a parade but seeing everybody unhappy, his driver explained to him that someone was dead. He was highly disturbed and went back to the village and pondered on the extent of suffering that humans must go through.
- The fourth sight was of a poor man who wandered the countryside. His driver explained to him how the man was able to achieve tranquility by abandoning worldly life.
- Was Buddha a God? Explain.
Buddha did not claim to be a God, son of God or a messenger from God; he was only a human being who learned to perfect himself and explained that human beings can perfect themselves by following his example.
- Briefly explain the meaning of "Nirvana" in the Buddhist tradition?
In the Buddhist tradition Nirvana means freedom from all troubles complexes, worries, ideas and fabrications. The state is only comprehensible to those who have attained it. Bottom of Form
- Please match the following statements to their
Corresponding part of the Eightfold Path.


Smith, H. (1991) The World’s Religions: Our great wisdom traditions, New York: Harper One.Bottom of Form

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