Why Are We Too Dependent On Computers Annotated Bibliography Example

Published: 2021-06-21 23:56:59
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Annotated Bibliography: Why are we too dependent on computers?

Altun, Arif, and Mehtap Cakan. "Undergraduate Students' Academic Achievement, Field Dependent/Independent Cognitive Styles And Attitude Toward Computers." Journal of Educational Technology & Society 9.1 (2006): 289-297.

Conocenti, Paul, and Cindy Azima. "Computer Vulnerability, Consequences and Preparedness - Experiences From World Trade Center." International Journal of Disaster Medicine 1.1 (2003): 69-73.

This paper examines the use of computer technology in healthcare. Computer has become a major tool in health through informatics. It is easier to keep and share information by health professionals through informatics.

Haider, S. Wali, Colin L. Moodie, and James R. Buck. "An Investigation Of The Advantages Of Using A Man-Computer Interactive Scheduling For Job Shops." International Journal Of Production Research 19.4 (1981): 381.

This article reveals that computers have played a major role in enhancing efficiency in the workplace especially in job scheduling. Many organizations are considering the use of interactive man-computer scheduling methodology in order to enhance effectiveness. In connection to this, many organizations are considering the use of computers in order to enhance efficiency.

Hollinger, C. Robert. "Managing The Computer For Competitive Advantage." Business Horizons 13.6 (1970): 17
It highlights the role of computers in enhancing competitive advantage. Computers have enabled many organizations to develop competitive advantage in operations control, planning, among other areas.

Kaled Alektiar, et al. "The Impact Of New Technologies On Radiation Oncology Events And Trends In The Past Decade: An Institutional Experience." International Journal Of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics 84.4 (2012): 925-931.

Leathley, Bridget A. "Human--Computer Interaction In Safety Critical Systems." Quality & Reliability Engineering International 11.6 (1995): 429-433.
Argue that increased dependence in computer leads to increased dependence on less number of people. Increased human-computer interactions contribute to reduced costs. This has contributed to increased dependence in computer.

Qin, Shu, Tu Qiang, and Wang Kanliang. "The Impact Of Computer Self-Efficacy And Technology Dependence On Computer-Related Technostress: A Social Cognitive Theory Perspective." International Journal Of Human-Computer Interaction 27.10 (2011): 923-939.

This study examines the relationship between computer use and self-efficacy. Although employees may experience technostress, it plays a major role in improving their productivity. As a result, leaders are determined to integrate computers in their operations.

Rodicio, H. García, and E. Sánchez. "Aids To Computer-Based Multimedia Learning: A Comparison Of Human Tutoring And Computer Support." Interactive Learning Environments 20.5 (2012): 423-439.

The study describes the application of computer devices in multimedia presentations. This has made is possible to support tutor presentations that could have otherwise be impossible through manual presentations. This explains the use of computer in the modern society.
Watjen, L. Russell. "Software Development In Higher Education." Journal Of Career Development (Springer Science & Business Media B.V.) 12.2 (1985): 171-175.

This study describes the significance of computers in higher education. Educators are dependent on centralized computer system in order to enhance their performance. Teaching through computer aid is more effective compared to the manual system. This has increased the use of computers.
Wild, Mary. "Using Computer-Aided Instruction To Support The Systematic Practice Of Phonological Skills In Beginning Readers." Journal Of Research In Reading 32.4 (2009): 413-432.

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