Why I Want To Major In Communication As Undergraduate Study Personal Statement Example

Published: 2021-06-22 00:20:51
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As most of the high school students, I have recently faced a problem of choosing the field for my future major. And the problem is not the fact that I did not know what to do with my, the problem is that I had scores of variants. The main criterion for me was the major’s versatility, and, after a lot of thinking, I have made a decision to pursue my future degree in Communication Studies. I am not sure if I will not regret this decision in future, but at this point it looks like the best choice I have ever made. Being an outgoing person, with an active life position I have always been interested in different disciplines. Advertisement, art, psychology have always been my passion, and I was looking for a major, where I could apply all the knowledge I have in the aforementioned disciplines. And that is the reason why my choice has fallen upon Communication major.
My commitment to advance in Communication Studies has been reinforced during a number of activities, volunteer projects and seminars, held on the local level I have participated in. During these activities I have realized the importance of communication in every arena of public and personal interaction, therefore, I am looking for the program, which will provide me with tools for analyzing and improving communication on every level. One of the most important among the previous my previous experiences, which influenced my interest in communication, was the internship at a telephone company named “Zain”. My main responsibility at that time was to help with the design of advertisements. During that internship I have gained a deep knowledge in design, typography, coloristics, and a plethora of other fields related to design.
The reason I am applying for an undergraduate program in the United Kingdom is because this country has always seemed to me as a country of big opportunities. English Universities and schools are considered to be the best in the world, and I know that in order to succeed, I need to receive the best education, as the competition on the job market is severe and tight. Also, in order to perfect my knowledge, I need to be among good professional and people who share my views, and, in my opinion, in your institution I will find such people, who will help me grow and improve. Moreover, I am confident that the program’s training will facilitate my both short and long-term career goals. I want I big variety of experience in order to enhance my skills, and be a high class professional in the filed I have chosen.
After finishing my studies I would like to practice and apply the knowledge I have gained in one of the governmental or non-government organizations in Public relation field or Advertising. I am sure that by the time I will be ready to work, I will have enough knowledge to skills, to become a valuable asset of any company related to my major. I am also ready to do more than one related internships, in order to see the inside perspective of the working process. Although I have a clear understanding that it is going to be very complicated, I strongly believe that when shooting for the sun, one has a great chance to land among the stars.

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