News Update: Utah Gov’s Bipartisan Commission Unanimously Recommends Voter Registration Modernization to and registration.

Take Action

Contact your Senators and Representatives and tell them why it is important to bring our nation’s voting system into the 21st century. Tell them that American voters deserve an accurate, efficient system that saves taxpayer money and prevents registration fraud.


Modernizing our voter registration system means using existing 21st-century technology to ensure that no citizen is excluded from casting a vote and simultaneously help remove errors and duplicates on voter registration rolls. Through automatically updated voter registration lists maintained at the state level, citizens’ right to vote will be protected whether they are serving their country overseas or they have recently moved across town. The current system, which relies heavily on third-party collectors and is prone to disenfranchising errors, is outdated and not up to the job of instilling confidence in the system and protecting every citizen’s right to vote.


Our current system of voter registration costs a fortune. Every cycle, designing and printing millions of registration forms, training staff, hiring temporary workers to process last minute registration forms, mailing materials to inactive or invalid addresses and maintaining lists over time – among other expenses – costs taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. At a time when state and local governments are stretching every dime to prevent layoffs of teachers and emergency workers, when tax revenues are plummeting while demand on government services are rising, we can’t afford to waste a penny. The solution lies in modernizing voter registration by making it automatic and permanent, dramatically reducing costs through efficiency. With a modest initial investment that will be recouped in just one or two election cycles, states and local jurisdictions will start saving money that can be reinvested in other critical parts of the election administration process and other essential areas of government.


A modern voter registration system will enable election officials to securely utilize government databases to update voter registration rolls for all eligible Americans. This reduction in paperwork will dramatically reduce error while costing significantly less. Automatically adding voters to the rolls greatly reduces the number of data entry mistakes, duplicates and inefficiencies that riddle our current paper-based system. An updated registration system will ensure that Americans will not be kicked off the rolls when they move or marry; unlike the cumbersome system we currently use, registration will follow voters throughout their lives.

Prevention of Voter Registration Fraud

Modernizing the system of voter registration will combat registration fraud by eliminating the need for independent groups to conduct voter registration drives. From registration forms submitted with Dick Tracy or Mickey Mouse’s name on them to multiple applications coming from the same person, having largely unregulated third-parties shouldering the responsibility to register voters makes it much more difficult for election officials to verify the eligibility of those who end up on the rolls. We need to upgrade the system so third parties are taken out of the process.