News Update: Utah Gov’s Bipartisan Commission Unanimously Recommends Voter Registration Modernization to and registration.

Voices of Support

“It’s hard to imagine Trevor Potter and Marc Elias agreeing on much. Yet the experiences of last fall’s political campaigns helped convince both men that there is something fundamentally wrong with how America votes — or, more precisely, how America registers to vote. The result is a unique, bipartisan effort that we hope will prod Congress and the states to action.”

– Editorial ( Washington Post , 8/31/2009)

“Eligible voters should not have their rights abridged due to an outdated, inefficient system. Taxpayers shouldn’t have to underwrite such a system. If this panel can stay “focused and bipartisan” as its co-chairs vow, a cost-effective system that boosts voter turnout and civic engagement could result. That would be a win-win for all of us.”

– Editorial ( , 9/3/2009)

“In August, the bipartisan Committee to Modernize Voter Registration announced its formation and commitment to bringing voter registration into the 21st century. Though I disagree with many of the committee members on various policy issues, I agree we should apply American innovation to the inefficiencies of the registration process.”

– Ken Blackwell (Op Ed in the Washington Times , 10/5/2009)

“As adversaries, we disagreed passionately about many issues. Our roles in the campaign, however, were often similar; each of us was responsible for guiding our candidates and campaigns through the overly complex gauntlet of election administration. Those experiences led us to an inescapable conclusion: Bringing our voter registration system into the 21st century must be the priority for improving the election process.”

– Bob Bauer and Trevor Potter (Op Ed in the Washington Post , 6/25/2009)

“We must significantly streamline voter registration and make greater use of technology to weed out inefficiencies.”

– Robin Carnahan and Trey Grayson (Op Ed in Roll Call , 3/10/2009)

“By linking these voter databases to other state agencies – the DMV , the post office, tax rolls, felon lists, death records – the potential to reduce fraud and prevent [eligible] voters from being turned away is tremendous.”

– Then-Senator Barack Obama ( Keynote Address , Launch of AEI -Brookings Election Reform Project, 2/8/2006)

“A system of automatic registration, in which the government bears more of the responsibility for assembling accurate and secure lists of eligible voters, is a necessary reform.”

– Then-Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton ( , 11/6/2008)

“The single most important thing that Congress can do right now is create universal voter registration, which would mean that all eligible voters are automatically registered.”

– Rosemary E. Rodriguez, Commissioner, U.S. Election Assistance Commission ( , 11/6/2008)

“Other countries have adopted universal voter registration systems, the key advantage of which is removing bureaucratic obstacles to voting.”

– Warren Slocum, Chief Electoral Officer & County Clerk-Recorder-Assessor, San Mateo County California (Voting in America Summit, Pew Center on the States, 12/9/2008, as reported by San Mateo County Times )

“Here’s how voter registration should work: You move, your registration moves with you. You turn 18, you’re added to the voters’ logs. You pay taxes, get a license, sign up for state or federal benefits, and registration is automatic.”

– Editorial ( Kansas City Star , 7/6/2009)

“[I]t’s time for Congress to fix this, amending the Help America Vote Act passed in 2002 in the wake of election snafus in Florida to encourage states to automatically register citizens and provide local election officials with computer access to statewide voter databases.”

– Editorial ( Roll Call , 6/29/2009)

“The federal government doesn’t take such a haphazard approach with income taxes or Social Security; why must voter registration be treated so indifferently?”

– Editorial ( , 6/22/2009)

“One simple change would solve several problems that have bedeviled recent national elections: universal voter registration.”

– Editorial ( Boston Globe , 11/14/2008)

“[I]t’s time to rethink another vestige of an earlier era-voter registration system that not only prevents people from voting but causes myriad troubles for election officials.”

– Editorial ( Washington Post , 11/8/2008)

“Beyond this, the country should start to debate the idea of ‘universal voter registration.’”

– Editorial ( Christian Science Monitor , 10/22/2008)